Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 21

The Mom Creative

Foam sword fighting with my dad at the store while trying to pick out Dylan's birthday gift

Mom and dad work CeCe's car together

Carrie making her own add on set for Dutch Blitz

Preschool graduation

Baskin Robbins and catching up with my friend Michelle

Having food fun at the Village Diner

Another Maryland account, getting pretty familiar with interstate 95

Week 10s completed pages
Right side, page protector A

Take 12 insert (front), design F, did a themed take 12 of my studio


left side, design A page protector

another insert showcasing my work trip to DC during Winter Storm Saturn,  front side, design J (trying another way of taking pictures with this insert, I really like the way these turned out! I may be on to something)

Back side

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