Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week in the Life: Sunday

 Seriously loving my sisters new 52 recipes.
 Seriously loving the smiles I get for taking her for a walk at the park and allowing her to run loose for a little bit.
 Seriously loving the blossoming trees.
 Seriously loving time spent with my family.
 Seriously loving rereading thru the Bible.
 Seriously loving all the freebies my sister gets from Acme.
 Seriously loving pastor's series on Mark.
 Seriously loving this man.
Seriously loving Sunday morning breakfast.

Week in the Life: Saturday

 Today I got to go to breakfast with my sister.
  Today I got to take an early afternoon shower.
  Today I got to be greeted by the best greeter ever!
  Today I got to see a gorgeous sunset at a spot where I could pull over and photograph it!
  Today I got to check inventory.
  Today I got to make dinner.
  Today I got to run several errands with the girls.
  Today I got to sit in the backseat because a certain someone wanted to sit next to Aunt Carrie.
  Today I got to go shopping at ACMoore.
  Today I got to wear my brand new contacts for a full day.
  Today I got to put fresh sheets on the bed.
  Today I got to wash the dishes for my mom.
  Today I got to trim the puppy dog's claws.
 Today I got to relax and hang out for a little bit with the girls.

Week in the life: Friday

 Friday is a day for morning tea before our run... an a cat that always wants snacks.
 Friday is a day for heating up my coffee mid morning to keep me going.
  Friday is a day for doing the laundry.
  Friday is a day for site visits and more coffee.
  Friday is a day for gowning up to observe my team.
  Friday is a day for reading my Bible.
  Friday is a day for submitting billing, or mileage, or credit statements to the office.
  Friday is a day for watching music videos while I work.
 Friday is a day for cheeseburgers for lunch.