Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 9 & Day 10

So you may think I have been slacking, but I combined these 2 days on purpode. Day 9 was life list/bucket list, and I know you all are probably tired of hearing about mine so I decided to kinda skip it. If you haven't already seen it or would like to read it again, you can find it here, but for everyone else, I'll not bother to mention it :)

Day 10: Daily routine
I have a little bit of routine, but every day for me is different. I always start my day with my quiet times/devotions. I have recently finished a study in the book of Daniel, great stuff!! And am now starting with the book of Zecheriah, another really good study. I tend to listen to sermons alot to help me understand what's being talked about. Afterwards, since I am already on the computer I check my emails, facebook, blogs, that kinda thing. Mid-morning and after lunch I can be found (depending on weather) either in my studio cathcing up on projects or doing yard work. I love being outdoors when the weather is nice, so if there isn't any work to be done, I will take a book or my memory verses out with me. Most days I also squeeze in some laundry, making dinner (I don't cook everyday), a walk around the neighbourhood with my mom, and cleaning up of some sort in one room of the house. The evenings are of course reserved for work, a little tv and bed. (I am not a night person, so I don't stay up to late to get anything else done) There is plenty of room for flexibility in my routine, which is probably why my supervisor often gives me some extra morning accounts, plus I am on the sub list at my mom's preschool. Right now I am enjoying my routine, and while I am still looking for a full time job, I am not in a rush to end this phase of my life!!
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