Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life Layout

Okay so I am having trouble adding pictures to my previous post but really wanted to include my layouts since I actually have them finished!!

Left side: Page protector style G

Right side: Page protector style A

This week was pretty low key so I kept my pages really simple.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Life: Week 12

The Mom Creative

Playing a new game my sister bought, Scattergories Catergories, so much fun

Our frog, Irene, who is usually camera shy

Free Ritas and hanging out with my mom

Relief after a casual 5 minute sidewalk interview, most awkward and interesting thing I've ever done

Logan, the only guy allowed at girl's Bible study, he LOVES the attention

My 1st sunburn of the year, it was gone by the next morning

Family day, just hanging out and playing some random games, taking random pictures!
I will try to add better pictures of my layout later! But for now. . .I finally have it done in time to add to my post!
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1000 Gifts: #232-252

232. relaxing afternoon
233. Mike made us homemade chicken nuggets for dinner
234. I have a good working camera (I often take this for granted!)
235. got a good start for my summer tan :)
236. started up our evening walk routine. . .I love good, warm, weather
237. delicious ham dinner, just because we're loved!
238. lunch with Karyn and her kids
239. free Rita's with mom

240. share a special "candy thing" with my dad (it's the little moments in life that are the biggest blessings!)
241. I finally got an interview with a good company
242. found a new favorite song
243. God is crazy in love with me. . .by choice!
244. special treats at the grocery store (its like being 5 all over again!)
245. that I am an emotional girl, wouldn't trade the emotions God gave me for anything!
246. time to chat and catch up with friends
247. God's amazing creation. . .I love watching spring come!

248. Some chickadee moved into an old birdhouse hanging in the backyard
249. movie night with mom
250. went tool shopping with my dad
251. random family game afternoon. . .that almost never happens!
252. random family pictures, just because, and no one complained about it!!!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Project Life: Week 11

The Mom Creative

Dad doing what he does best. . .working on cars

Self-portrait day

Summer weather=Summer feet. . .I am a barefoot girl and am LOVING this weather as can be evidenced by my dirty feet

Substitute teaching in preschool

Another day of Subbing

Girls night out, we went to see Les Miserable

St. Paddy's free fries and green ketchup
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1000 Gifts: #211-231

211. the
privilege of praying for friends personal prayer requests
212. extra family time
213. Irene, our Hurricane frog that showed up in September, came back!
214. Woke up early, great way to start the day
215. the ability to learn names really quick, comes in handy as a substitute teacher
216. playground time to get the wiggles out
217. asked to teach an extra day
218. the Spirit's leading to be an encouragement to others, especially those who are always such an encouragement to me
219. new life. . . spring. . .buds. . .blooms
220. a friend's trampoline, talk about a fun workout!
221. the hugs of 4 year olds who barely know me, but remember that I was in their class 2 days ago!
222. included in the teacher's meeting lunch
223. cute shoes, totally made my day
224. got to sub with a friend
225. started a new Bible study topic. . .beautifully broken. so difficult, yet tremendously needed and full of blessing
226. email about an interview next week
227. getting back into the Scriptures after a few days of failure
228. girl's night
229. shopping with my mom (plus free fries and green ketchup)
230. gas for $3.05 a gallon!! Thank you Giant points
231. spaghetti dinner and games with friends

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project Life: Week 10

The Mom Creative

They found a new addiction. . .anything LIFE. Tonight they tried Pirates of the Caribbean LIFE. (also played this week: Classic LIFE, Wii LIFE, LIFE twists and turns, Monster's Inc. LIFE)

Fought with this printer all morning, thankfully no major harm done and I was able to retrieve the tiny corner of paper that tore off and jammed inside!

The progress of technology, after losing several CDs I was relieved to find the various songs on several old playlists on my sisters abandoned Ipod

There is at least one night a week dedicated to Wii game night. It is so nice to have a new battery charger in the house

Helping out at preschool. I was in change of the 'S' paper station. . .because I did NOT want to mess with the art project of footprints!

learning to journal my prayers is helping me to focus my day and myself. I will delight myself in the LORD!

Family lunch at Chick-fil-a
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1000 Gifts: #190-210

190. my dad taught me to have a good sense of direction
191. reminiscing with friends
192. a job well done
193. able to sleep in and recover from my busy weekend
194. payday
195. the songs God puts in my heart

196. received an email about a potential part time job
197. fixed a major paper jam in the printer without destroying it!
198. found an old Ipod with both my favorite Christian and Disney playlists on it! (Both include songs off missing CDs!)
199. super creative day
200. warmer weather and sunshine
201. lots of energy
202.had fun helping at the preschool (it was slipper day!! I miss all that fun stuff!)

203. lessons on contentment within singleness. . .it was such a breath of fresh air to hear it too!
204. found my missing cell phone
205. started journaling my prayers. . .something I've wanted to do yet I've never really been sure how

206. finished reading Rachel's tears (totally helped me start #205. Fantastic book about the Columbine tragedy in 1999)
207. planning a girl's night, I love organizing events
208. meatloaf and potatoes
209. got some fresh Gertrude Hawk's chocolat candy, dark chocolate peanut butter cups

210. family lunch at Chick-fil-a
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project Life: Week 9

The Mom Creative

Finally received my page protectors and got caught up on my album!

Cleaning the aquarium

the most wonderful group of Christian women who start the day off with prayer! They have interceded on my behalf many times!

saying goodbye as dad leaves for work, a daily routine at our house

trying the xbox kinect. . .definitely need to invest in one of these!

dog sitting for 2 people crazy dogs! They LOVE attention!

Roller skating!! Hadn't done it in years, just like riding a bicycle, comes right back to you!
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