Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What does Project Life mean to me?

I came across the answer to this question on the Capture Your 365 blog today and it is perfect. There is no better way to describe why I took this journey this year and will be taking it again next year!

"It means focus. And attention. It means remembering each and every day to pause for at least 1/50th of a second to point my lens in the direction of something in my life. The small details and the big moments.
Sometimes the photos seem meaningless today. The snap of my keyboard. The photo of the glass on the counter. The desk in all its messiness. The shoes at the front door. The numbers on my house. The tree in the midst of dropping its leaves to the ground.
I know something about those photos. I know something that will happen someday. Maybe not next year, but perhaps in ten and definitely in 20.
I’ll look back at what appear to be mundane images. I’ll look back on the smallest details and be transported to today. I’ll see things that no longer exist in my life. I’ll see things that mattered on one day that have exited my life on others. I’ll see relationships as they were. Smiles before they aged. Toys before they were broken or discarded. I’ll see memories I might otherwise forget.
And for all of those memories I’ll be thankful. Very, very thankful!"

I have already noticed some of these things in my pictures from January or February. Things I would have normally forgotten by now! I love the Project Life journey and love being able to share it with each of you my dear friends!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day!!

I cannot remember the last time our entire family was together for any holiday. We were blessed to have everyone at my grandmother's house for Christmas dinner, and boy was it crowded and crazy and chaotic!!! And yet amidst the chaos there was so much love and fun. It was just like Christmas when we were all kids!

There was literally no room to move in the kitchen. (we always do dinner buffet style)

And the tables extended all the way through the dining room and living room! There was no where to move but we were all together and that was all we really noticed!

Then when we gathered around the tree to do gifts. . .people everywhere! And in our family when there are that many people around someone always starts a wrapping paper war! I mean your bound to hit someone when you throw a wrapping paper ball, right? And throw we did!!

I know it sounds crazy, but thats our family! And for once I didn't mind it a bit. I sat back with the camera and took it all in, once again loving every moment!
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Christmas Eve

I can sum up Christmas Eve in 1 word: Family! We all get together after the Christmas Eve service at church to exchange our pollyanna gifts. But it is really just a time for all the cousins to hang out and catch up. We don't really see each other alot during the year. This year was no exception.

Gift of the night award goes to my sister. She had me and gave me 2 regifted items. A popcorn bucket she got last year filled with popcorn kernels and a movie that I received last year! I was so confused but laughing so hard that she was giving me something I had received last year! "Popcorn and a movie", it was apparently something I had said would be a fun gift like 2 months prior! LOL! Really it was just a creative way she came up with to wrap my AC Moore gift card, she hid it inside of the DVD. It was hilarious!

We stayed late playing a round of pictionary. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I stayed late to play a game. Usually after a couple hours we all just start to annoy each other and and head home. You know how families can get! But this year it seemed like none of us wanted to go home. I loved every second of it!!

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Project Life: week 51

Sunday School fellowship

Enjoying my latest issue of Scrapbooks Ect.

Applying for a scrapbook design team, doubt I'll get it but it was fun to try

Won a blog giveaway. . .some really cute Christmas tablecloths and towels, a handmade tree ornament, and a spot in a Christmas scrapbook class

Everyone loves to give Carrie wine, guess they just don't know her that well

Wawa coffee day

making Green bean casserole with Carrie for Christmas dinner
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Friday, December 23, 2011

DD: December 22nd

Ahh I love a good mail day! Yesterday was our Christmas card "jackpot". Its always more fun to get the mail this time of the year, it seems like there are less bills and more "happy" mail.

I have been saving all the envelopes and will try to incorporate the Christmas stamps and/or address labels into my album. Not sure how yet, but I thought that would be a cute idea.

I love seeing all the cards in our little card sleigh! Merry Christmas!!

After Christmas I may turn all our cards into a card album type of thing. I saw some really neat ideas on Pinterest! (love pinterest so many cool ideas!!)
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DD: December 21st

I don't usually make cookies for Christmas, but since I have some extra time I thought I would try a few.

I found a really simple roll out sugar cookie recipe online. Mom was more than happy to be behind the camera this time and took many pictures for me.

I love my cookies soft so I undercooked them just a tad so after they set they were perfect!! I left a few undecorated to put some icing on.

"Yes I will clean up my own mess!" Picture taken just for fun to show what a mess I managed to make. What the picture doesn't show is the flour all down the front of me, on the floor, in the kitchen, all over the stove, dish towel, and potholders. I am not the neatest "flour" girl!! lol!

I have to admit it wasn't near as fun as the cookie bake I went to the last week, but I had a good time making up some cookies for my family! I guess I was just in the mood to bake :)
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DD:December 20th

Bread day!! Usually I am not home for this tradition so this year was special for me. I really enjoyed helping out, but mostly I enjoyed watching my mom as she enjoyed this yearly tradition of making bread for all the neighbours. She absolutely loves it!! She was like a little kid, baking and wrapping and then delivering all the packages.

She started before I was up and she had the camera out and was diligently snapping pictures of her progress!! So cute!

Her "defense" was that if she took the pics she wouldn't have to be in them. . .

I bargained with her and mainly took pics of her hands doing all the work.

(I think Project Life may be catching up with my family a little!!)
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DD: December 19th

Today mom and I spent the morning wrapping gifts and arranging them under the tree. We thought it'd be fun to display them for a few days instead of placing them under the tree Christmas Eve. We put on some Christmas music and went to town. I even wore my Santa hat. . .so festive!!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

DD: December 18th

Sunday was the Christmas Cantata at our church. They did a presentation/program called Emmanuel. It was absolutely amazing. Four of my good friends were a part of the cantata, Abby even had a solo part! I am so glad I snapped this picture of them before because once the music started I was glued. I thought about taking a pixcture several times during the program, but I was too caught up to be bothered with pulling out the camera. I think that might have broke the magical reverie I was in listening to them sing the beautiful songs about our Saviour's birth!!! Great way to honor and praise our Lord!
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DD: December 17th

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!! All those "Christmasy" things are starting to happen, like Friday's cookie bake, this fun filled evening of Christmas caroling and Christmas partying. I just love all the festivities of this weekend, I had so much fun, especially after being cooped up in the house sick for a few days!

Please forgive my terrible photography. I just wasn't paying any attention to the lights in any of these pictures. But you can still see the people and the expressions of joy that comes with the season and thats what counts!!

We started our night Christmas caroling. We hit 9 different families in our church in about an 1.5 hours. It was freezing and just beginning to snow, but you know what that only made it more magical. We sang 3 songs and delivered a tin of cookies to each family. I especailly love that I get to do this each year with some of my dearest friends!!

Afterwards we headed back to the E's house for dinner and party!! This shot is about half the group, the younger guys all went outside to play basketball in the snow!

This was sort of a random shot of the night, but too cute to resist. Baby Noel is absolutely fascinated with Christmas trees.

We ended the evening with a good game of Phase 10. we only got about halfway thru (it is a LONG game) before people had to start leaving. I am so glad all our college friends are home and we were all able to celebrate together. Great night with great friends!!
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

DD:December 16th

Cookie time. A tradition we started last year. My Sunday School class has decided to get together each year the night before our Christmas party and make up several dozen cookies to give away. It is a good time for all. Unfortunately, this years date conflicted with alot of other things going on so we had a small group, but we all still had a blast. We made up about 8 plates full to hand out while we were Christmas caroling. And of course several for our Christmas party afterwards!!

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Project Life: Week 50

Tried a new hairstyle, simple enough yet I am not very good with bobby pins

WooHoo, Fear Factor is back!!

A free turkey for Christmas from my Dad's part time job. Question is: Where are we gonna fit it??

Self portrait day. Not one of my favorites. I wasn't feelin' real well, but hey thats part of life too

Taking a break from all the busy-ness to relax and catch up

Free Fry Friday at Burger King

Christmas caroling with friends (I didn't take into account the brightness of the Christmas lights, opps!)
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