Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 14

Sunday: no extra time today had a long afternoon/evening doing a "monthly"
 Monday: enjoying being able to eat as a family a few nights the past couple of weeks
 Tuesday: New work account, yeah. Worst day ever getting it prepped, yuck.
 Wednesday: Emergency subbing required in the PreK room
 Thursday: Subbing again, so thankful for an easy morning of VeggieTales
 Friday: Having fun and being silly with my sister at the BBC Clothing exchange
 Saturday: Game night "rain date" with Hope

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Still Counting 1000 Gifts: #1529-1553

1529. personal invitation
1530. fundraising opportunities
1531. friendly chitchat
1532. homemade biscuits
1533. extra time in my schedule to make progress
1534. Paul finding us an extra account
 1535. freshly folded laundry
1536. a few minutes of sister time to play a card game
1537. made it to work on time (and safely) despite the traffic, weather, and leaving late
1538. accountability
1539. VeggieTales Easter movie at preschool
 1540. recognition for a job well done
1541. apples and cheese for snack
1542. Carrie's kindle
1543. $10 Shutterfly credit
1544. Mary, the intern that helped me (and she didn't even have to be there)
 1545. a slow, sleepy morning
1546. homemade stromboli and an ice cold coke
1547. treated to lunch by my sister for sibling appreciation day
 1548. warm walking weather
1549. BBC clothing exchange
 1550. cute new clothes
1551. hanging/chatting with Abbey
1552. moon's glow
1553. Hope's joining us for dinner and games

Monday, April 14, 2014

More Random pages to Share

I have decided I like sharing my completed scrapbook pages. I have seen so many others share theirs and while I am always inspired never felt like I measured up enough to share mine. But scrapbooking isn't a competition. It isn't about whether or not my pages are as good as anyone else's. Their not, but they are mine and I love them just the way they are! And in the end isn't that more important? It's my life that I am documenting so should the pages reflect me and my style? Yeah I though so too. So that's why I've taken the time to photograph some favorites to share. Because I love them and hopefully you will too. . .and just maybe I can be an inspiration to someone else :)

These are all from my Life list album: learning to shoot
 Starting my business
 Taking my 1st zumba class

Friday, April 11, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 13

Sunday: home fellowships, I didn't get any pictures there but I did snap one of the hymn we sang to remind me God is good
 Monday: cleaning out the garage by taking in some scrap (and making a truck payment with the loot!)
 Tuesday: Working on another 100 things mini album, I've decided these make the perfect gift
 Wednesday: work trip to DC=lots of time in the car on the road
 Thursday: free coffees from our friend Miguel
 Friday: cleaning and rearranging for her dinner/game night
 Saturday: the long awaited game night has finally arrived! We had a blast!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Still Counting 1000 Gifts: #1508-1528

Yes I have still been counting gifts, how could one stop?? I have just been too busy to post. But that stops today! I enjoy sharing the things God has given and done and allowed in my life. He is good. And I wanna share, so I am making a determination to share His gifts weekly like I did last year. . .even if no one reads them. . . just because. After all He is still good, right?
1508. found out some info about our missions trip, my dear friend M is going too!
1509. home fellowship at the B's house
1510. sister time in the car ride home
1512. cheeseburgers
1513. fingernail moon
1514. driving across big bridges at dusks
1515. dusk
1516. Baltimore all lit up at night
1517. tree reflections on a moonlit pond
1518. 9 deer (anywhere from 1-20 each time) sightings on our drive
1519. $300 from collecting scrap
1520. the ability to take deep breaths and fill my lungs
1521. a rental car
1522. remembering to pack snacks for a long trip
1523. not waking up sick after a rough night
1524. inspiration of the Holy Spirit
1525. medicines that work
1526. being able to pick up the tray to make it easy on my sister
 1527. playing games
 1528. successful dinner/game night
 1528. good friends and neighbours

Friday, April 4, 2014

Some more scrapbook pages!

Thought I would share some more of my favorite spreads from 2013. I haven't been as diligent in my traditional scrapbooking as I would like, but I am definitely still working on my pages. This is one hobby I don't think I could ever give up!

Mini family photo shoot before our official church pictures were taken!
 Our annual Mother's day hike
 Trip to the Hershey Park Zoo America
 Summer spider take over, kinda creepy for some, but I am extremely fascinated by watching spiders, especially while they are building their webs, which they do every single evening (if it isn't destroyed by morning they take it down themselves!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 12

Sunday: Celebrating our new made just for our church songbook!
 Monday: Family bbq night at Chick-fil-a, included a free meal and a waiter! Loved it!
 Tuesday: Subbing, yes we had lots to do!
Wednesday: Celebrating my sister's birthday! 
 Thursday: Another day of subbing, and another crazy craft!
 Friday: Returning the stupid car we told him not to get, the guy never "found" the title for it and it has just been sitting in our driveway for 6 months. Oh yeah and the codes guy wrote us up for an unregistered car, even though it was covered. Nothing but bad news, goodbye car!
 Saturday: More free food at Chick-fil-a, my sister is awesome at finding out all there awesome deals!