Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 25

Sunday: free ice cream sundaes
Monday: new work badges, pain in the butt!!
Tuesday: last minutes packing check list
Wednesday: slammed with last minute work stuff
Thursday: Team USA for the Philippines missions trip
Friday: spending the night in the Manilla airport
Saturday: hanging out at a nation Philippino park

Monday, July 14, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 23 and 24

Life has gotten so busy and I managed to get behind on my postings. Thankfully I keep up with my photos so I can still share :)

Sunday: time to trim the pond plants, you can't tell but there is a block underneath the plant that the roots grew around!
Monday: trying to figure out how and where to plan some respirator training for my employees
Tuesday: BOGO sweet tea from CFA! Yummy!!
Wednesday: Starting to look like a manager with all the supplies and chemicals in my car
Thursday: starting my initial packing for the missions trip
Friday: goofing off at work
Saturday: game night cookout
Sunday: Basketball with the neighbour kids
Monday: June self portrait day
Tuesday: Figuring out my new company laptop
Wednesday: spur of the moment drive to Maryland, no time to borrow the GPS, nope I went old school
Friday: treating my dad to lunch after he drove me to DC for an interview
Saturday: enjoying the 1st day of summer with ice cream cones

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 22

Sunday: making mini s'mores since all we had available was mini mashmellows and hershey kisses. . .and it worked!! Yummy!
 Monday: Our daily walk. . .got caught in the rain
 Tuesday: Packed and ready for an overnight work trip
 Wednesday: Got all our Hershey park tickets today! So ready for the weekend!
 Thursday: stopping to admire the sunset, making it a point to do so more often
 Friday: Accidental twin moment with my sister
 Saturday: Hershey Park!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 21

Sunday: our 1st backyard fire of the season!
 Monday: searching for catfish in the Brandywine
 Tuesday: Just saved this little guy from the middle of the road
 Wednesday: Nothing better than a slice of warm, homemade apple pie
 Thursday: Meeting with the president of our company about my promotion
 Saturday: Waiting after work for my family to finish their walk so we could continue our family afternoon adventures

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Living a blessed Life: #1677-1701

1677. hearing good news about a situation I was concerned over
1678. washed by the blood of Jesus
1679. having authority and responsibility
1680. instant payers and a God that hears and answers instantly
1681. mom remained calm in a super stressful situation
 1682. exciting news
1683. Lysine (and a coupon to get it)
1684. can collecting with my parents
1685. unexpected support
1686. pickels on my burger
1687. snuggling with my sister to watch tv
1688. giving my opinion (and having it be heard)
1689. someone close enough to share whats on my heart with
1690. positive list from a friend
1691. no damage during my 1st ever hail storm
1692. dirt on my hands from planting the vegetables
 1693. scented Raid spray
1694. peace instead of nerves
1695. confidence in my abilities after days of doubting myself
1696. our supplies at work were ordered and arrived just in time
1697. blooming plants all around the yard
1698. conference call/ interview with the president of my company
1699. devotional on replacing fears with THE fear of God
1700. good food and conversation
1701. reminiscing over the E's wedding photos

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 19

Sunday: Our annual Mother's day hike at the park
 Monday: tracking, finding, and terminating an entire ants nest!
 Tuesday: prepping for a craft on my last day of preschool subbing this year
 Wednesday: Found some new foreign stamps to add to my collection
 Thursday: GBP picnic with my family
 Friday: may's self portrait day
 Saturday: Volunteering for Jay Vending's Lemon Drop at Hershey Park for our mission trip fund

Monday, May 19, 2014

God's continual blessing: #1656-1676

1656. Jehovah-Shalom
1657. Chai tea from a coworker
1658. afternoon naps
1659. dependability (and people you know you can count on)
1660. great weather for our Mother's day hike
 1661. finding frogs in our pond
1662. the acceptance and love of a 3 year old I don't really know
1663. finally getting some respect and communication
1664. self timer family photos
 1665. options I didn't know existed
1666. story time with good friends
1667. finding some really cool foreign stamps for my book
1668. watching and finding wildlife at the park
 1669. setting goals to learn new things
1670. pink icing
1671. phone call and interview from the president of my company
 1672. destroying ants nests (after tracking them from my house to the nest!)
1673. rollercoaster buddies
 1674. knowledgeable people to answer my stupid questions
1675. positive experiences
1676. fundraising opportunities