Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bullet Journal Craze

Okay so I've joined this craze a little bit. I haven't ventured into the world of planner pages yet, but I know I will. I just already have 2 calendars that I maintain and I'm not ready to add a 3rd quite yet. I'll get there!! But I love all the other things that a bullet journal captures. I primarily capture all of these ideas and pages in my handy dandy sketchbook (I'm on my third one) Anyway I'm always looking for new ideas and thought I would share some of what I've come up with (and completed) with all of you!!

Anyway here's what I've come up with so far...

1. Your yearly resolutions

2. Your monthly goals
3. Important contacts
4. Your contact details (in case it gets lost)
5. A currently page

6. A goal tracker
7. A habit tracker

8.  Monthly memories
9. A books read list
10. A books to read list

11. Blogging schedule
12. Blog ideas list

13. A map of places you've been

14. Advice
15. Waiting on list
16. Favorite Quotes

17. Places I want to go

18. A yearly calendar
19. A spending log/ budget tracker

20. Savings tracker
21. Shopping list
22. Step tracker

23. Sleep log
24. Future log
25. Mood log

26. Font inspiration page
27. Blogging/Life milestones
28. TV shows/films to watch

29. Classes timetable
30. Deadlines list
31. A de-stresser list

32. Recurring tasks
33. To do lists

34. Twitter chat schedule
35. Vocab to learn
36. Things I want to try

37. Birthdays
38.  A page illustrated with things that make you happy

39. References
40. A brain dump page/ Mind mapping

41. Brainstorms
42. Future log
43. Packing lists

44. Favorite recipes
45. Your five year plan
46. 101 in 1001

47. Your bucket list
48. Savings tracker

49. Job application log
50. Wishes/Dreams

51. Illustrations
52. Cleaning schedule
53. "Ism" and memes

54. Grades tracker
55.Gratitude lists

56. Meal planner
57. Work hours
58. Your planning routine
59. Movies to watch/ watched

60. Gift Ideas

I can't take credit for many of these as I got most of my ideas off Pinterest and Instagram. There is always someone one step ahead of me in the creativity department, but I am super grateful for all the inspiration I have found and mimicked in my own sketch book! So feel free to re-borrow an idea, sketch, or chart and Have fun friends!!

Monday, February 27, 2017



So this is another new thing that I am trying that is on my 101 in 1001. I love that this project really motivates me to try new things and complete things that I have sitting on a dusty old to-do someday list! I love cooking with hamburger and have pinned many new hamburger recipes on my pinterest board, but never really felt motivated to print and try the recipes I'd saved... until now. I decided to do a 52 weeks of hamburger mini project. That's a new recipe a week if I did it in one year, but I get to space it out over my 1001, which is an added incentive. It makes it more doable for me. I actually sat down, sorted thru all the recipes I had on pinterest, and printed all the ones I thought my family would also enjoy. I put them all in a notebook and made a cute little checklist to mark off completed plus the family ratings on a scale of 1-10 to determine which recipes I'd remake! I love it!

I also inspired my sister to try something similar: 52 weeks of chicken. My family is loving all the new meals that we are trying. Some have been a great hit, some I made notes on my recipes to alter and try something a little different next time, and still others do not cut it and the recipe gets tossed. I thought I'd share some of the recipes I've tried so far!I have included the links so you can try them if you ant as well. One thing I would like to add to my project is to take pictures of my completed meals, I think that'd be a fun addition.
1.       HillbillyDinner 08Oct16, family rated 5
2.       Cauliflower Cheeseburger Casserole 15Oct16, family rated 7
3.       Sloppy Joe Casserole 29Oct16, family rated 8
4.       Korean Beef 03Dec16, family rated 7
5.       Cheeseburger Gnocci 10Dec16, family rated 3
6.       Crockpot Ravioli Casserole 24Dec16, family rated 8
7.       Crockpot Cheeseburger Soup 07Jan17, family rated 7
8.       Hamburger Potatoes 14Jan17, family rated 5
9.       Hamburger Macaroni Crockpot Soup 28Jan17, family rated 6
.        Crockpot Pizza 04Feb17, family rated 8
            Baked Meatballs and Rice: 18Feb17, family rated 6
.         Slow Cooker EZ Hamburger dish: 25Feb17, family rated 5 (cannot find the website I used)

       Hope you get the chance to try some new recipes! ENJOY! !

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Meet Maggie!

I am still working on my 101 in 1001. I am making slow progress but it is still progress. Something I have been doing for a while now is looking for a dog. I am very picky and knew exactly what I wanted and was not very successful at finding it. But early December, my sister and her fiancee, who have been really looking for a dog full time, sent me a picture of the sweetest dog asking if I wanted to ride with them to the SPCA to check her out. I jumped in the car and we were off. I did not set my hopes high as often I had gone with them to look and come home disappointed as the dogs I was seeing weren't what I was looking for.
But this time it was different, it just felt different. I entered the SPCA looking for the dog I had a picture of, sadly I didn't even see the other dogs. As soon as I spotted her I just KNEW!! She was the one. She was quiet and eager to be petted. I asked to interact and it was a done deal. I fell in love with this beautiful 4 year old Husky mix. The temporary name given at the SPCA was Ahote, but I immediately switched it... she looked more like a Maggie, and she responded well to that. She was very quiet on the car ride home, just lying down with her head in my lap. 
She was very unsure of herself the 1st couple of days, but it didn't take long for her to realize we were her people and this was her new home. Even my mom, who isn't a dog person took to Maggie. She wasn't a barker, knew basic commands, and loved to cuddle and snuggle.She is mostly calm, but each day we see glimpses of the hyper puppy inside. She has already decided she doesn't like baths, but loves being wet! I think somewhere in her past she was beaten, so its taking both of some getting used to when she cowers over certain things. But she knows she is loved and that will help her to grow and develop as part of our family.

We all agreed that Maggie was a Godsend. She is the perfect dog for our family. Even keeps saying what a great thing we did for her giving her a home, but really she did a great thing for us. It's been far too long since we've had a furbaby in this house!
Well everyone, there you have it, the newest member of our family! Meet Maggie!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Updated List!

Hi everyone!! Me again, I've updated my list and started crossing things off! Yeah me! I am 6.9% done after only 1 month and crossing another (hopefully) 2 off the list! I have inspired my sister to start her own list and she's pretty excited about it. That is awesome for me because we don't really share any hobbies so this is something we can work through together. It's a lot harder for her, she has only come up with 49 things so far but she's working at a pace that works for her! And it's still exciting for her. Hopefully I can figure out how to upload pictures again (all kinds of technical issues going on here) and I'll share some of my accomplishments with you! For now feel free to browse my new updated list and let me know if you too are working on one! Bye friends!!

1.      Come up with 101 things for my list: 16Sep16
2.      Go for a hot air balloon ride.
3.      Put together a family favorite cookbook.
4.      Donate blood
5.      Organize the attic
6.      Get a pedicure
7.      Ski #2 slope (hopefully without falling!)
8.      Fix the pond pump issue:02Oct16
9.      Reread thru the Bible in a year
10.  Complete the 5000 question survey
11.  Visit New York City
12.  Reconnect with an old friend
13.  Get a dog
14.  Send just because flowers to my mom
15.  Go to a country concert
16.  Complete my coloring book
17.  Have a picnic
18.  Run the Strobel trail with Bobby
19.  Buy a new desktop computer
20.  Do an updated family photo shoot
21.  Help Carrie write her list
22.  Finish watching all 6 seasons of LOST
23.  Have my caricature drawn
24.  Take pictures in a photo booth
25.  Hold a tarantula
26.  Take my family to WDW
27.  Fill my sketchbook: 09Oct16
28.  Renew my passport
29.  Go to the Camden Aqaurium
30.  Attend Thorndale’s drive in movie night
31.  Host a game night
32.  10,000 steps a day for 2 weeks straight (0/14)
33.  Go snorkeling
34.  Take a picture of my OOTD for a month
35.  Go to the beach: 24Sep16
36.  Write a blog post once a month
37.  Try an Orange Crush drink
38.  Complete a 30 workout challenge
39.  Tour Washington DC
40.  Complete the 52 weeks of lists
41.  Fill my pressed penny book
42.  Get 200 connections on LinkedIn
43.  Re-memorize James 1
44.  Visit a new state
45.  Switch savings accounts: 12Oct16
46.  Take a picture at the Liberty Bell
47.  Write to my penpal at least once a month (1/33)
48.  Dye a strip of hair hot pink
49.  Complete an old unfinished project
50.  Photograph my home in all 4 seasons, make a collage print to hang
51.  Make a new necklace holder
52.  Get my windshield checked: 14Oct16
53.  Schedule an Ortho consult
54.  Finish the roll of film in my camera
55.  Buy a kallex and organize all my scrapbooks into one area
56.  Ask my eye doctor about contacts
57.  Work on my paternal geneology, complete the next generation
58.  Track my bills for a year
59.  Take horseback riding lessons
60.  Complete my Gettysburg album: pictures ordered
61.  Complete my Orlando album
62.  Complete my Niagara Falls album
63.  Changes spark plugs and cabin air filter on my car
64.  Get a plant for my desk and keep it alive:25Sep16
65.  Make enough cards to resupply my homemade card box
66.  Play tennis at least 10x (0/10)
67.  Complete the 100 push up project
68.  Send a postcard home from every trip I go on, create a mini album
69.  Have the chimney looked at and repaired… then
70.  Have a fire in fireplace.
71.  Make photo cube gifts
72.  Read 10 new books (1/10)
It’s Not Fair by Melanie Dale 30Sep16
73.  Get a new Pleco, give him a really cool name
74.  Try 52 new recipes (1/52)
Hillbilly Dinner 08Oct16; Cauliflower Cheeseburger Casserole 15Oct16
75.  Plan 10 coffee dates with my friends (1/10)
76.  Try 5 new foods (1/5)
Steamers 24Sep16
77.  Learn and use 5 new hairstyles (0/5)
78.  Send a card to 12 different missionaries (0/12)
79.  Build 4 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles with my family (0/4)
80.  Watch 10 movies off the “Bobby” list with Bobby (0/10)
81.  Go on a romantic getaway
82.  Clean my car every 6 month during the 1001 (1/6)
83.  Finish my “26 things” project
84.  Save all my change for the entire 1001 days.
85.  Send a random “sunshine” package
86.  Walk through Valley Forge
87.  Hang a hummingbird feeder
88.  Visit Springton Manor Farm
89.  Make snow cones
90.  Visit Upper Schuylkill Valley wildlife Center
91.  Girls night out
92.  Make a set of winter ornaments
93.  Take a pic every hour on the hour for a whole day
94.  Interview my grandmother
95.  Plant flowers in the front flowerbed
96.  Get completely caught up with my scrapbooking
97.  Visit the Philadelphia zoo once in a 4 seasons
98.  Deep clean my bedroom
99.  Invest in an Instax camera
100.                      Find a new solution for uploading all my pictures
101.                      Write a new 101 list.