Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Making Progress

 July was a busy month and I got several things crossed off my list and helped my sister cross some stuff off hers as well. 

#6: get a pedicure. 

This was on my sisters list also, so we went together on her "staycation" at the beginning of July. I went to this cute little salon recommended by my best friend and we had a full morning of being pampered. Found out later for an additional $10 we could have included a manicure! We are so going back, actually thinking of making it a yearly thing!

 This was my 2nd pedicure and my sisters 1st. She was excited but unsure about the "process" and refused to make any decisions, I even chose her nail polish color for her. I picked a good color this time, but if she refuses next time, I'm getting creative!! LOL!
 #47. Find and explore a cave.

Another item crossed off during my sister's "staycation'. After a little research, I discovered there are many caves here in Pennsylvania, 3 of which are an hours drive away.
 It was really cool to go thru the tour and see all the "rooms" within the cave. And learn about how they discovered it and used it in the early days. Turns out admission was a whole quarter when they first opened!!
 #46 Take pictures with the liberty bell.

 This was one of our pre-planned summer activities. We made it a family day and explored the US Mint and got the Independence Hall tours too. It was hot, but we had so much fun. I'm so glad we decided to go, after all Philadelphia isn't exacty my most favorite place to drive to....
 # 99 Buy an Instax camera
 I have been on the fence for awhile about getting one of these. But Michaels had them on a 50% off sale, plus a free case with purchase and i had a rewards member additional 20% off coupon. I couldn't resist. So I got one. And I am in love with the cute little pictures it takes. I am not sure when I would use that versus my phone or the big camera, but thats neither here nor there!

#89. Hike a waterfall
 I love the outdoors and all things nature. Especially waterfalls. I went to this waterfall park back in 2012 and loved it and have been wanting to go back with my family.
 We spent several hours there hiking around the red trail, which is apparently the most difficult trail to do. We accepted the challenge and survived!
 They claim to have 8 waterfalls and even though we hiked the whole park were only able to count 6. Another great day in the books and it was a mutual agreement that we'd be back!!

#34 Six Flags Safari
 I have been wanting to do this ever since I found out about it, but couldn't bring myself to pay the $80 amusement park ticket just to go to the safari.
 My sister's fiance works for the USPS and they did their annual picnic there for only $45 per person, including parking, lunch, water park tickets, and a complimentay ticket to return to the park later in the season! We immediately signed up! Are you kidding me? What a great deal!
 We made it a double date and included my boyfriend, who is an animal lover like me. He was super excited, having never heard about the safari portion of the park.
 they had a ton of animals and it was really neat to see most of them in a simulated natural environment.
As I head into August I don't have nearly as many things planned to cross off my list, but I am making some good progress and expected to be at 50% completed by the time I hit the 1 year mark!! Have you created a 101 yet? If so how is your progress? Would love to hear all about it!!