Monday, May 27, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #450-472

450. veggie plants ready to go in the garden
451. teaching new card games and then losing (I must be a pretty good teacher)
452. trading PL cards
453. robins bathing in the pond falls
454. freshly seeded backyard
455. having my whole family home together on a week night

456. voting with conviction
457. childrens silly antics
458. mom helping dad work on a car

459. dad stopping his work to play a quick card game with Carrie and I
460. getting up early to beautiful sunlight
461. fresh bagels and cream cheese
462. foam sword fights at the store

463. seeing a years worth of pictures I took that someone put into a slide presentation! Awesome!
464. Starbucks in a bottle

465. ice cream and catching up with a good friend
466. inside family jokes from dinner in the village

467. completing Calm my Heart with Hope
468. happy mail, receiving my blush cards!!!

469. free breakfast from Panera
470. summer family bucket list

471. $25 an hour job for Saturday morning
472. quick run to ACMoore with Carrie to use 2 55% off coupons
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  1. It looks like you've found many blessings in every day moments. Keep it up!