Monday, May 20, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #425-449

425. mother's day hike

426. sweet smelling trees in the woods
427. portable music (i love my ipod)
428. no gowning at work
429. Survivor finale
430. rock climbing with my dad

431. received my package 2 days earlier than expected
432. new PL kit
433. brand new start every morning
434. a round of "Pooh stick" LOL.

435. steam mop to run across the kitchen floor
436. a catch up picture order
437. turkey and stuffing for dinner
438. birdhouse in use

439. my "mother hen" coworker
440. Epsom salt relief for the tension in my neck and shoulders
441. an extra set of hands at work
442. a backyard picnic
443. great weather, despite a rainy morning, for our 1st annual GBPS family picnic

444. good nights sleep
445. working together as a family
446. forgotten cell phones
447. family night remembered
448. free dirt to fill in the backyard

449. the ability to turn my neck to the left and the right again !!!!
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