Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life: Friday

This project has shown me so many little things that I oftentime overlook or take for granted. As I looked back over my week most of my daily favorite moments were of something said or done with my family! I am so glad that I took the challenge and participated. I am sad that tomorrow is the last day. I truly think I will miss having my camera at my side constantly. (although I am sure my friends and family are breathing a sigh of relief!!)

# of pictures taken: 85

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life: Thursday

I have discovered that I am not real good with words, so the fact that the majority of this project is my life in pictures really thrills me. Next week when I go to put it all together though I'll probably be super stumped. Don't get me wrong I have been journalling throughout the day each day in an attempt to capture my routines. (a list of observations, things I'm thankful for, conversations/overheard snippets, and favorite moments are a part of each days journalling) Just putting that together. . . well the thought of that already overwhelms me! But until then I'll hust continue to share with you all some of my favorites from the day.

# of pictures taken: 125 (my record high so far this week!!)

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life: Wednesday

Half way thru this project and I am still loving it. I find myself trying new angles all the time, and taking pictures of things that I never really even considered before. So much fun! This week has been anything but typical for me, but I guess thats part of life:) Is there really anything thats "typical" or "normal" anyway?

# of pictures taken: 100 (yep 100 even!!)

Here are some of my favorites from the day:

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life: Tuesday

Tuesday was super busy for me! I missed a lot of pictures of my "normal" Tuesday acticities because I got so caaught up in the business!

# of pictures taken:45

Here are some of my favorites from yesterday:

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