Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 17

Day 17: When and why did you start blogging

I actually had to go into my archives to find out when I started bolgging! Turns out it was December 2, 2009!! Wow! Can't believe that I have been blogging for this long. It was pretty interesting to note that whaen I started I did mostly journaling, just pouring out my heart and my feelings here in this little online journal of mine. Now I do the same thing with pictures instead of words. I share my life one snapshot at a time with my friends and family far and near, and I love every second of it. A few years ago my main focuses here on the blog became Project Life and 1000 Gifts. I love sharing these weekly projects :) I don't regret the change in my blogging format and am excited to see how it may change even more in the years ahead, As long as I am capturing bits and pieces of my life and my history, it doesn't matter so much how I do it!!!

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