Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crossing it off the list

As most of you know, awhile ago I wrote my life list. I haven't really been actively pursueing anything as money and time have been a little tight around here. But I did mention the list to a friend and as it turns out several of the things on my list are things she actively does. She was excited to start helping me cross things off my list. We started with "learn to shoot". Her and her family are very active at the gun range, especially with a son in the army who has to constantly practice. I don't know if I was excited or nervous as I drove out to the range, but once I had the pistol in my hand I knew I was ready. I received a mini lesson on loading, gripping, firing, aiming and of course gun safety and was off. First gun was the 22 pistol, it is small, light, and has relatively no recoil. I loved it.

I shot at paper targets to start with and did really well. They told me I was a natural as most of my shots were very consistent and almost the majority fell within the center 3 circles (all of which I was told is considered a bullseye!!) WooHoo!! Go me! First time ever holding a gun and I hit a bullseye!!!

Then I moved on to the bigger rifle. I don't remember exactly what it is, but I think it was one that Garrett (the guy in the picture training me) uses in the army. I was a bit more overwhelmed with the bigger gun, but did just fine. Din't hit the bulls-eye on this one but shot in a cluster, meaning all my shots hit in the exact same spot. Pretty good. They were hitting below the bulls-eye and no matter how I adjusted the gun I couldn't seem to get it any higher. But not too bad!

I finished with a 9mm pistol, but somehow with the 4 cameras floating around didn't manage to get any pictures with that one. It was similar to the 22, but a little heavier and with a lot more recoil. I even ended up with a spent shell flying down the back of my shirt! Ouch those babies are hot! Luckily I reacted quick enough that I didn't get burned. It is harder to shoot accurately the more recoil you get, but they said I did great. My friend threatened that she's not taking me back because I was shooting better than her. Feels pretty good to hear that from a veteran shooter and definitely encourages me to go try some more things that I have never done before.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Life: Week 21

The Mom Creative

WARNING: this post is extremely photo heavy!! Yes I have been working on catching up my album. Most pages have been sitting on my desk mostly complete and just needing that finishing touch. I finally found the time to work through several layouts.
Here is week 15s layout with the inserts

layout without inserts

With it being Easter I had some extra pictures and the Easter program flyer/bulletin from church

I also received my 1st payheck at my new job and had a special shopping spree at Bath and Body works with my sister

As if the week wasn't busy enough I attended a Sixers game and saw Will Smith. (uh, definitely had to be included, right?) I simple made a mini layout to include on the back side of my printed ticket sheet

Week 16: not as busy but still had a lot going on. I love how this week totally contrasts the last one. Instead of being photo heavy it was journaling heavy. LOVE it!!

Week 17: Week in the life week, I may go back and add an extra insert with any extra pictures after I complete my WITL album.

Week 18: Nothing too special with this layout. Mostly just tracking my ant wars (found the perfect little ant stickers to use)

That is as far as I got so far, not too bad. I really need to go get some more printer ink so I can finish printing off my pictures and get completely caught up! It is not like me at all to be so far behind!! At least I am keeping up with taking my pictures!

Here's this weeks pictures:
Dad built new shelves under the sink. . .these have been a long time in coming!

It's finally summer, time to move all the plants outside.

My sister just kinda hanging out with us, she doesn't do that to much anymore. I always enjoy having her around.

I attended my mom's class' preschool graduation. Great program (right down to the little girl who couldn't decide if she wanted to laugh or cry through the whole program so she did both!!)

the beautiful rainbow we saw after it rained nearly all day
hanging out with my family, picnic, game and evening fire

 Jimmy put in a new electrical socket for our dining room

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1000 Gifts: #421-441

421. friends that go out of their way just to say hey
422. dinner with my parents
423. father/daughter tv time
424. cute and comfy pajamas--the unique way God provides for our family
425. God's never ending grace and forgiveness
426. finished a huge project

427. awesome online frineds
428. dad has extra vacation time this week
429. Kande loved her album

430. the chance to show off a bit of my work (kinda like advertising)
431. great god-honoring Preschool graduationi program
432. another free photo card
433. praise songs
434. mother/daughter chats

435. a supervisor who cares
436. working with Sarah, we make a great team
437. a mother that prays for me
438. the uniqueness of God's creation

439. family time around the fire pit
440. make your own subs day!! Yummy!
441. bought and played a new family game

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Life: Week 20

The Mom Creative

Fun pictures with mom for mother's day

video chatting with Becky Higgins, so inspiring

filling up with gas, $3.69 a gallon (I try to record the price at least once a year to compare)

getting out the paints, glitter, and flocking to jazz up some chipboard. . .I have literally been in the studio all week, but my project is almost complete

What's in my purse? part of the telling your story in 5 photographs challenge from Jenny Meyerson.

bank run

backyard picnic style dinner

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Monday, May 21, 2012

1000 gifts: #400-420 mother's day pictures

401. great afternoon hike

402. season finale night
403. my cousin, Paige, is graduating high school!
404. received my PL package

405. patient and instructive coworkers
406. rain let up just enough for an afternoon walk
407. 2 free 8x8 photobooks
408. completed a weekly performance alone
409. found and destroyed the actual ant's nest thta had been plagueing the kitchen!!! Bye Bye little ant queen!
410. happy mail
411. cute email from a friend that made me smile
412. fianlly got the okay to sign off on any paperwork at work (it's a long process to get the okay!!)
413. quick in and out grocery trip
414. safety training
415. good conversation with coworkers. . .it's so nice to fianlly work with a group of people that I can actually take time to talk to!
416. Jack's pizza for dinner, my favorite
417. beautiful sunshiney day! Gorgeous!
418. girls shopping trip
419. picnic dinner in the backyard

420. sister photo shoot, we ended up with alot of funny outtakes! This is one of my favorite's

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