Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catching Up

Wow! How did I end up so behind? I was doing so well posting each day, and then I guess I was just too busy out there living my life!!! I have had a pretty good weekend, despite this chilly, gloomy weather. Anyway I am just taking a few minutes to catch myself up.

Day 24: My most embarrassing moment?
I hate this question, not because I don't want to share an embarrassing story with you, but because I am that person that mentally blocks those moments. I can never remember them! So I have been thinking about this for awhile and while this is definitely not my most embarrassing moment it sure was embarrassing. It happened at work, while I was standing besides my supervisors desk listening intently to whatever it was I was being told. I never even noticed the girls had entered our office to clean, even though we had technically acknowlegded that they were there. Upon being asked if they could sweep under the desk, I politely stepped out of the way and promptly into the mop bucket! Yes, we all had a good laugh about it, but imagine explaining your one soaking wet foot and ankle to other coworkers! Yes I was definitley embarrassed for the entire afternoon!!

Day 25: Describe your location
I live in Pennsylvania. Coatesville, Pennsylvania. We are located in Chester County right outside of Lancaster, aka "Amish" country. As a matter of fact we are the only actual city in the whole county, all other have been classified as boroughs. I am approximately 39 miles west of Philadelphia. As of 2010 we had an estimated population of 13,100 so we are not a small town by any means. I have lived here since 1996, and while I do not absolutely love this place I could certainly have it far worse. Coatesville is an old steel town and we are mighty proud of the fact that our orginal steel mill, Lukens, produced several steel beams for the World Trade Center. I have even heard rumor that there are plans to build the National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum to house 10 of the beams that have been returned home to Coatesville. So there are a few things to be proud of here in my town!

Day 26: What's your favorite food?
Oh easily my homemade meatloaf with the spinach and cheese center, yummy. It is followed closely by anything (everything) chocolate!!
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