Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 31

Wow!! Can you believe it's the end of May already? That's crazy!!! And I managed to complete this challenge! Ok so I didn't always post on the right day, but I got 'em posted that's what matters, right?

Day 31: Self portrait and explain what you most liked about this challenge?

I think the best part of this challenge was that it kept me active here on my blog with something more than just my normal posts. (although I'm sure you noticed I managed to sneak a picture in everyday! I don't know if I know how to post without a picture, it just doesn't look complete to me)
I hope you have had as much fun learning more about me through this past month as I have had sharing all these different piece of myself. I will admit some days were alot more challenging than others, but overall I enjoyed it!! Thanks for coming along in my 31 day journey friends, I'm sure I will find another crazy challenge to share with you!!
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Day 30

Day 30: What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Probably anything coffee flavored . . . I say probably because I love ice cream and enjoy many different flavors!!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 29

Day 29: What;s your favorite time of year and why?

By far my most favorite time of the year is spring!! I just love watching all of creation come back to life after a long "dead" winter. I love seeing all the plants and trees budding. I love seeing all the baby birds and geese. I love the warmer, fresher weather. What can I say. . .what's not to love about spring!!
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 28

Day 28: What's your guilty pleasure?

Well obviously, Photography, scrapbooking, and Project Life are 3 of my biggest guilty pleasures!! The amount of time and money spent on each of them is staggering, but I remind myself that I am preserving memories :)
Other guilty pleasures include: Starbucks, cookie dough, and country music!

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Project Life 2013: Week 21

The Mom Creative

Foam sword fighting with my dad at the store while trying to pick out Dylan's birthday gift

Mom and dad work CeCe's car together

Carrie making her own add on set for Dutch Blitz

Preschool graduation

Baskin Robbins and catching up with my friend Michelle

Having food fun at the Village Diner

Another Maryland account, getting pretty familiar with interstate 95

Week 10s completed pages
Right side, page protector A

Take 12 insert (front), design F, did a themed take 12 of my studio


left side, design A page protector

another insert showcasing my work trip to DC during Winter Storm Saturn,  front side, design J (trying another way of taking pictures with this insert, I really like the way these turned out! I may be on to something)

Back side

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 27

Day 27: List 3 online friends you've never met in real life but hope to soon

Seriously??? All of them! How can I choose just 3, I hope to meet all of my awesome online friends:)
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Counting 1000 Gifts: #450-472

450. veggie plants ready to go in the garden
451. teaching new card games and then losing (I must be a pretty good teacher)
452. trading PL cards
453. robins bathing in the pond falls
454. freshly seeded backyard
455. having my whole family home together on a week night

456. voting with conviction
457. childrens silly antics
458. mom helping dad work on a car

459. dad stopping his work to play a quick card game with Carrie and I
460. getting up early to beautiful sunlight
461. fresh bagels and cream cheese
462. foam sword fights at the store

463. seeing a years worth of pictures I took that someone put into a slide presentation! Awesome!
464. Starbucks in a bottle

465. ice cream and catching up with a good friend
466. inside family jokes from dinner in the village

467. completing Calm my Heart with Hope
468. happy mail, receiving my blush cards!!!

469. free breakfast from Panera
470. summer family bucket list

471. $25 an hour job for Saturday morning
472. quick run to ACMoore with Carrie to use 2 55% off coupons
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catching Up

Wow! How did I end up so behind? I was doing so well posting each day, and then I guess I was just too busy out there living my life!!! I have had a pretty good weekend, despite this chilly, gloomy weather. Anyway I am just taking a few minutes to catch myself up.

Day 24: My most embarrassing moment?
I hate this question, not because I don't want to share an embarrassing story with you, but because I am that person that mentally blocks those moments. I can never remember them! So I have been thinking about this for awhile and while this is definitely not my most embarrassing moment it sure was embarrassing. It happened at work, while I was standing besides my supervisors desk listening intently to whatever it was I was being told. I never even noticed the girls had entered our office to clean, even though we had technically acknowlegded that they were there. Upon being asked if they could sweep under the desk, I politely stepped out of the way and promptly into the mop bucket! Yes, we all had a good laugh about it, but imagine explaining your one soaking wet foot and ankle to other coworkers! Yes I was definitley embarrassed for the entire afternoon!!

Day 25: Describe your location
I live in Pennsylvania. Coatesville, Pennsylvania. We are located in Chester County right outside of Lancaster, aka "Amish" country. As a matter of fact we are the only actual city in the whole county, all other have been classified as boroughs. I am approximately 39 miles west of Philadelphia. As of 2010 we had an estimated population of 13,100 so we are not a small town by any means. I have lived here since 1996, and while I do not absolutely love this place I could certainly have it far worse. Coatesville is an old steel town and we are mighty proud of the fact that our orginal steel mill, Lukens, produced several steel beams for the World Trade Center. I have even heard rumor that there are plans to build the National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum to house 10 of the beams that have been returned home to Coatesville. So there are a few things to be proud of here in my town!

Day 26: What's your favorite food?
Oh easily my homemade meatloaf with the spinach and cheese center, yummy. It is followed closely by anything (everything) chocolate!!
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 Family Summer Bucket List

As soon as I heard about this challenged I grabbed some paper and immediately got to work!! I love lists and love goals and this new challenge combined both of those, so what was not to love? What challenge you ask? The 2013 Summer Bucket List Challenge. It was mentioned on Becky Higgins blog in this post. I am so excited to make the most of this summer, to fill it up with awesome memories with my family (who I have yet to get on board with my ideas!!)

Here is the list of things I've come up with for us:
(all items are based on location, available time, and budget)
1. go catfish fishing in the Brandywine River
2. Do a family photo shoot in a nearby park
3. blow bubbles in the backyard, just for the fun of it
4. make glow stick bubbles to blow at night
5. walk through Valley Forge
6. take silhouette pictures
7. have a backyard campfire
8. Disney movie marathon
9. make a butterfly feeder
10. fill a jar with lightening bugs
11. play "adult" golf
12. go mini golfing
13. go to Devil's Den (Gettysburg) and climb the rocks
14. visit the animal park in Phoenixville
15. play in the new Coatesville interactive fountains
16. plan a game night with friends
17. make ice cream
18. go to an amusement park
19. have a picnic
20. go swimming
21. fly a kite
22. go to Lancaster for ice cream
23. take 1 silly family picture each month
24. walk in the rain/ splash in the puddles
25. find some local waterfalls

Edited to add:
26. Explore Springton Manor Park
27. plan a game time with my cousins
28. experiment with homemade hummingbird nectar
29 ride the Strausburg train
30. take underwater pictures
31. go camping
32. make a leaf scrapbook

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Do I have a hobby????

Day 23: Do you have a hobby?

Ummmm. . . .I guess you could call it a hobby :)

. . . or an obsession! LOL!!

Day 22: What do you do when your home alone?

I feel like I've mentioned this before here on the blog, but for me home alone time doesn't happen to often and when it does I usually just turn on some music (up a bit too loud) and dance like no one's watching (because no one is!)
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 21

Day 21: My biggest fear

It has always been a huge fear of mine to lose my family, from 1 member to all of them. I know that if anything were to happen to any of them here on Earth I would see them again in Heaven, but still I cannot get over that irrational fear of losing them.
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Project Life 2013: Week 20

The Mom Creative

Mother's Day hike with my family

laundry day. . .you have to add the typical evryday stuff too :)

Receiving my birthday package, new Project Life stuff of course!!

Self portrait day. . .I know I look miserable, I haven't been able to move my neck for almost a week now. And yes that is an ice pack on my shoulder.

GBPS 1st annual family picnic

backyard family picnic lunch

Filling dad's truck with free dirt to fill in the back yard

Week 9s completed layout

Side 1, BH page protector design A

6x12 Insert for my February day in the life

side 2, also a BH design A

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