Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 34

The Mom Creative

Took advantage of Shutterfly's back to back print sales. . .finally getting around to the pictures though

Hanging out at the shooting range

prepping for my Bible Study

Loving swapping PL cards with the gals on Facebook

Got a total of $1.70 off per gallon of gas :) Thanks Giant!!!

Picking our 1st batch of home grown green beans. . .they came in very slow and late this year

Rock climbing again. . .WooHoo Lisa made it over the ledge this time! You go girl!!

Week 24's completed pages: I included a lot of very personal journaling and emails in the 2 inserts that I did not take close up pics of, thanks for understanding

Left side, design A

Insert, half of a design A (I ran out of the design H so I made my own, that's why there is washi tape down the side!)

Right side, design A

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #751-774

751. A hot shower to relax my muscles
752. a chance to see and talk to my grandmother (after her stroke)
753. determination
754. getting home in time to have dinner with my parents
755. a good sense of direction
756. 1st meal of fresh green beans

757. spotting a red-tailed hawk right in front of our house
758. online Bible study of Ephesians
759. accountability
760. interception of plans (love when God does that!)
761. watching crazy squirrel antics

762. a super trustworthy friend
763. the ability to share my heart and talk about sensitive matters
764. praying in public
765. thank you voicemails
766. direction from my team lead
767. warm from the oven brownies

768. washi tape sale + a coupon
769. early mornings
770. Project Life facebook group
771. fresh garden tomatoes and green beans for lunch
772. the unique design of the praying mantis, watched one molt!
773. shooting with friends
774. the ability to shoot accurately, naturally

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 33

The Mom Creative

Hanging outside of church waiting for my family to get out of the meeting they had. . . gorgeous day!

Working on my Stories from Home pictures

Reconnecting with some family at Uncle Jimmy's memorial service

taking a quick nap between jobs. . .I absolutely love my dad, he works hard to take care of us!

July's self portrait day

Rock climbing for the first time with some awesome friends

Playing with some cicadas, I just love photographing insects, don't know why, just do!

Week 23's completed pages:

left side, design A

Insert from my walk to the capital building during some free time on a work trip, front side on a Martha Stewart page protector

back side, I love being able to include some of the brochures in these bigger pockets

right side, design A

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #727-750

727. beautiful weather
728. biscuits and gravy
729. catching up on my picture orders
730. swapping PL kits
731. compliments from strangers
732. a God honoring funeral
733. reconnecting with family

734. meeting family I never knew. . .2nd cousins that are born again believers! How awesome is our God!!

735. making cookies for my sister
736. hugs just because
737. no humidity
738. cancelled late night work shift. PTL!!
739. dragonflys

740. late night prayer requests shared between friends by phone
741. a good working reliable car
742. new adventures
743. a full nights sleep
744. meeting new people to hang out with. . .thank you Dan and Jenna

745. using all my muscles. . .having fun and working out!
746. making it to the top of the wall

747. regulating my system
748. breakfast from Wawa
749. tons of back-to-back photo deals
750. postponed pain, only God could have held off the muscle aches for an entire work shift!!
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 32

The Mom Creative

After posting the unique perspective of my vacation, looking at my feet, (you can read that post here) , I thought I'd try a week of Project Life with that same theme. I had a blast trying to capture my day by looking at my feet. What a fun and new "look" it adds to my album.

Church on Sunday, loved that we sang all the old favorite hymns

trying a new meal I saw on Pinterest

mailing out my 200th card in the happy mail challenge

walking in the rain with my mom

grocery shopping, I just noticed all the chicita stickers on the bananas had minions on them :) made my day!

Hanging out with my sister, who was home from work early

took the family to DQ for a surprise treat

Week 22s Completed pages:
Full spread

Left side, design A

Insert 1, front, design F with the last row cut off to make it a little smaller. All pictures from my cousins bday party

back, our family day at Hershey Park

Insert 2, front, design H, random memorial day stuff


8.5x11 insert with some general paperwork about/from Hershey park

Insert 3, front, design D, June's Day in the life


Right side, design A

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