My Life List

I began writing my life list after being inspired by Jenny Meyerson's post on how to write one. You should definitely read her story and be inspired by her list. I love just how encouraging and inspiring Jenny's life list has been to me! My list is long and so full of all the things I want to do or learn, I want to live my life to the fullest!! I just sat down and wrote: no limitations, no boundaries, no rules. I thought of everything and anything I ever thought I'd like to try no matter how impossible it may seem to me right now at this stage in my life. It isn't in any particular order, but here is my list, may it be an inspiration and encouragement to you!!

Swim with dolphins--December 18, 2015
ride in a hot air balloon
get a full body massage-- February 2016
go on a missions trip--- went June 2014
take a photography class
join a design team--- applying
take a Disney cruise
ride a camel
visit the helicopter museum and go for a ride
travel by train
go on a blind date
get a pedicure
go skinny dipping
learn to ski--February 17, 2016
eat frog legs
learn to jive and/or swing dancing-- May 2015
go parasailing
attend a Rascal Flatts concert
start my own scrapbooking business--had my 1st customer 15May12
enter a photography contest
go rock climbing--started climbing 16Aug13
go on a deep sea fishing trip
be in a tv audience
try scuba diving--had a scuba lesson 19Jul13
take a self defense class
go zip-lining
meet Courtney Walsh
learn how to do a 1 handed cartwheel
drive a Nascar racecar
learn to shoot a gun--completed 30May12
attend an Olympic event
try acupuncture
Attend the Time Square New Year's Eve party
go to a costume party
learn calligraphy
ride a mechanical bull
take a zumba class--Zumba'd w/Hope 07Nov13
climb to the top of a volcano
see the globetrotters
watch all 6 seasons of LOST---watched season 1 and 2
get my own apartment
take horseback riding lessons
buy a sewing machine and learn how to properly use it
get married
take a road trip
go on a scrap retreat
own a Husky dog
make my own recipe book (not creating my own recipes, just putting together a collection of my favorites)--started
soak in a natural hot spring
attend a rodeo
meet Bob Harper
see a Goliath birdeating spider
go whale watching
have my portrait painted
be an extra in a film
learn to juggle (at least 3 balls)
learn how to make a national dish
learn to build sandcastles
make my own pasta--completed 07Apr12
give blood
hold a tarantula
touch an iceburg--completed July 2012 at the Titanic Musuem
watch a meteor shower
complete the 100 strangers project (okay maybe this should say START the project!!)
go for a ride in a limo
see Disney on Ice
try a high ropes course
attempt paintballing
go to a drive in movie
take pictures in a photo booth
memorize the book of James--Memorized ch. 1, 2, 3. Memorizing James 4
see the movie Jaws-- August 2016
visit a news station
attend a fashion show
get a makeover
hold a hawk (you know the trained ones!)

hike the Grand Canyon
explore the Galapagos Islands
visit a European castle
go on an African Safari
ride a gondola
take a helicopter tour of Hawaii
go diving in the Great Barrier Reef
have my picture taken at the Taj Mahal
tour Washington DC
visit the Biltmore Estate
see a musical on Broadway
visit the Ground Zero memorial
see the Northern lights
kiss the Blarney stone
walk on the Great Wall of China
pay my respects at Arlington National Cemetery
climb the Seattle Space Needle
Stand on the 4 corners (in AZ)
visit Stonehenge
see the Sistene Chapel
Go to a bull fight in Madrid
take a boat down the Amazon River
explore the ruins of Machu Picchu
see the pyramids in Egypt
tour Alcatraz
swim in each of the Great Lakes
ride a trolley in San Francisco
visit the San Diego Zoo
tour a plantation in Georgia
see Mt Rushmore
hike the Appalachian trail
take pictures of Victoria Falls
view South Africa from the Table National Park
see the alligators in the Everglades
drive on the Autobahn
stand on the North Pole
climb the Statue of Liberty
walk the stairs to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
see the Eiffle Tower at night
view the original Mona Lisa
see wild kangeroos in Australia
take a carriage ride in Central Park
visit the Aquarium of Western Australia

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  1. Loved seeing your list! It's fun to see some of our similar interests.

    By the way...Jenny & I have both toured Alcatraz (our folks lived there in the late 90's) and it is REALLY neat! Definitely worth the trip!

    Looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures! Congrats on the scrapbooking business.