Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A look at my Sunday: WITL

Sundays are for dressing up a whole lot nicer than usual
Sundays are for family breakfasts

Sundays are for relaxing and not cooking so much
Sundays are for going to church

Sundays are for going with dad to Chuck's to pick up cans

Sundays are for crushing the cans we picked up!
Sundays are for uploading and sorting the week pictures

Sundays are for one of Carrie's delicious chicken meals

Sundays are for sketching!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A look at my Saturday: WITL

So my Saturday was not really a typical Saturday but that's okay I just went with the flow.
Not only did we have a church event, but we also had a little friend going with us.
I love that I am now on the list as one of the official photographers for this annual childrens rally

My sister and mom get to do registration as well as helping out with the kids, not really my thing.

Think I'll stay behind the camera!

And just keep capturing great moments!

Chick-fil-a ice cream treats after a long day

I asked for the camera to try and capture a shot of a low flying hawk, when it wasn't handed to me I attempted to use my camera and thought my sister was trying to take the picture herself on the camera. Instead I uploaded this gem, love this shot!

making dinner, meatloaf and potatoes as per the usual

Evening family walk, they always make fun of me for wanting to take this shot, but they always stop and patiently wait for me to take it! (I try to get it every year because I love it)

Love the way my Saturday went, couldn't have asked for anything better!!

A Look at my Friday: WITL

Good morning Friday! I am over halfway through this project and still going strong, although I have noticed in the past Friday's are typically a slower paced day and I tend to take a lot less pictures. Going of Ali's prompts again I will share the stories behind the photos!

Breakfast of a chocolate donut because I am semi cat sitting for my aunt
My daily here I sit shot as I compare the same shot for an entire week

Where I sit and work each and every morning, have a bunch of emails to catch up on

A new butterfly has come to our butterfly bush, been waiting for something different than the swallowtails to photograph. It kept coming and landing on the side of the pool asking me to get out and get the camera!

Some more work, scheduling and stuff, done poolside

Evening scrapbooking, feeling grateful to have my own space for crafting even though I wish it were upstairs I have resolved to quit complaining and just enjoy it!

Friday night pizza night with my parents, plus the crazy chaos that my sister has going on at the end of the table

Sunday, August 23, 2015

WITL: A Look at My Thursday

I want to remember looking for Ike because I had been asked to stop by and talk to my grandmothers cat while she is away!
I want to remember how much I love grocery shopping, except for choosing chicken that's mom's job

I want to remember how much Hope hates taking pictures but after being silly we took one she loved!

I want to remember crawling out of bed every morning to see my sister off

I want to remember how the lady in the car ahead of me bought me a paper from the street vendor!

I want to remember how excited I am by my daily sketch challenge

I want to remember how much Carrie loves her rain boots and volunteered for a picture

I want to remember that Big Brother is still a show that we all agree on! Go James and Meg!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

WITL: A look at my Wednesday

I loved Ali's prompts so I am going to borrow it for today's post!

Some days I have to work at a particular company meaning I have to break out my steel-toed shoes

Some days I have to clean by myself because life happens to my employees

Some days I love mixing all my garden fresh veggies into a fun lunch
Some days I drink a lot of water

Some days I get to wear scrubs

Some days I can sit out in the backyard to read without being attacked by mosquitos

Some days I get to observe my employees doing their job, and some days they do awesome!

Some days I get home late and get to eat dinner with my sister

Some days I love recording my life and seeing just how blessed it is!

Friday, August 21, 2015

WITL: A look at Tuesday

Oh Tuesday, for some reason it was so much harder to get up this morning. Today I slept in....not on purpose, but just because I could not drag myself out of bed!
Today I drank my coffee with a new flavored creamer, usually I stick to French Vanilla

Today I needed Jesus

Today I worked poolside

Today I handled whiny and irritating customers

Today I relaxed on the front porch with my watching the sun go down

Today I drew maps in my sketch book to tell the story of where I grew up

Today I laughed as my sister took a quick dip in the pool before our evening walk!

Today I baked some Fiddle Faddle with my sister, and ate it while it was still warm :)

Today I lived and laughed and loved. Today was awesome!