Monday, May 6, 2013

Counting 1000 gifts: #380-403

380. Convictions
381. a nice long nap
382. rolling out fresh pie dough
383. Paid my last quarterly tax now that payroll has my forms correct!

384. fresh steamed broccoli
385. flowers on the dining room table from a preschooler
386. leftover spaghetti

387. aced my training quizzes
388. extra help at work from my superviaor
389. Day in the Life Documenting

390. cotton candy
391. learning to handle the "what if's" in my mind
392. watched a morning dove build her nest, pretty awesome! What a testament to our Creator

393. earning lots of extra hours this week at work
394. positive feedback
395. enjoying nature/spring

396. gorgeous weekend weather
397.chalkboard messages

398. new scrapbook supplies
399. had some fun with a mini photoshoot

400. Bocce ball with my family

401. learning more about classic cars from my dad (who monopolized the camera the entire time!!)

402. free Flo bobblehead
403. new Progressive Insurance call center celebration

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