Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Life: Week 47

The Mom Creative

My sister and dad washing the dishes together, laughing and joking and making a mess!!

One of my all time favorite meals! Pot roast, homemade mashed potatoes, and carrots!! Yummy!!

making special iced sugar cookies for Thanksgiving! (another pinterest recipe!)

Finally getting around to cleaning up all those leaves!

Thanksgiving dinner spread. . .What a blessed day it was!

Carrie relaxing after we put up and decorated the Christmas tree!

Getting the windshield on his new truck replaced after meeting a rock on the highway! Bummer :(

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Monday, November 26, 2012

1000 Gifts: #967-987

967. the freedom to praise and worship the Lord
968. high heels, it seems like a silly thing to be grateful for, but I love my heels :)
969. Sunday lunch with my parents
970. college friends home for Thanksgiving, oh how I have missed them!
971. God's mercy is never ending and all sufficient
972. baking with my mom

973. seeing and pointing out constellations, looking at the stars in general makes me so very thankful, what a great big God I serve!!!
974. journaling prompts and projects
975. good cardio workouts
976.sharing my car with someone in need of transportation
977. a bountiful and delicious Thanksgiving meal

978. reading inspiring blog posts
979. gorgeous weather in November, not a big fqan of cold so I am overly grateful for warm sunshine
980. my parents

981. the book of James
982. safety and sales on Black Friday
983. won a copy of the Project Life e-book, awesome inspiration!! Just the creative lift I needed
984. setting up the tree with my sister and reminiscing over all the ornaments we've received throughout the years

985. laughing with my family so hard we had tears running down our creeks and cramps in our sides :) Love those moments!!!
986. Project Life sale on Amazon
987. family date night! (I got so caught up in the moment I didn't want to pause for one second to snap a picture!)
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Project Life: Week 46

The Mom Creative

My sister planning dinner using her awesome homemade cookbook!

Painting my jewelry sticks (pinterest project I am attempting)

November self portrait day

Fianlly made my 2012 December Daily album

immobilized for the afternoon with a bad back, just chilled with some hot tea and a heating pad

enjoying the fall colors in the backyard, even though it really just needs to be raked!! So pretty!

time for his Thanksgiving haircut

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Monday, November 19, 2012

1000 Gifts: # 946-966

946. hanging our flag out in honor of our veterans
947. Rachel came home for a surprise weekend visit
948. free turkey
949. good painting weather to start another pinterest project (I will share more details on that when it is complete)

950. mini albums
951. working with Branden
952. wearing my great grandmothers jewelry
953. being used by God
954. holding a hot mug of coffee in my hands on a chilly morning

955. reading thru old journals
956. reminder that there is no pain or tears in heaven, as a dear friend entered eternity
957. carpooling with my mom
958. friends who ask, "what is God doing in your life?"
959. honey in my tea
960.pictures for a penny
961. sun shining thru the clouds and making the fall colors more vibrant

962. nursing my dad back to health
963. reading a Proverb a day
964. starting a new journal
965. people who can tell when you need a break, and make sure you get one!
966. extra time with my dad as he was home early every night this week!!
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall

Hi all!! I just wanted to share a little more about our visit to the traveling Vietnam memorial wall. It is a smaller version of the permanent one in Washington DC.

The wall is approximately 250 feet in length, and like the original Memorial is erected in a chevron-shape. The replica is constructed of powder-coated aluminum, supported by an aluminum frame, and is made up of 24 individual panels, each containing six columns of names.  The panels join together to form a nearly 250 feet wide structure.

It was so touching to see the response of our community to the wall.

As on The Wall, the names on The Wall That Heals are listed by day of casualty.  Beginning at the center/apex, the names start on the East Wall (right-hand side) working their way out to the end of that wing, picking up again at the far end of the West Wall (left-hand side) and working their way back in to the center/apex, joining the beginning and ending of the conflict at the center.

 The exterior sides of the trailer that carries the Wall open to become a mobile museum.  Information cases display photos of service members whose names are found on The Wall, along with letters and memorabilia left at The Wall in D.C. The Museum also includes a map of Vietnam and a chronological overview of the conflict in Vietnam.
We don't personally know anyone that served in Vietnam (I don't know too much of my family history/genealogy, something I've been working on!) When I saw the name Nichols in the museum i immediately adopted him and set out to find his name on the wall!! His picture even had some resemblances to my dad's cousin!!! Pretty cool! I am trying to do some research to see if we really are related! 

It was a really sobering experience to be able to see the wall and read the letters. I am so proud that are city hosted this traveling memorial. What an awesome way to honor our local veterans!!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Life: Week 45

The Mom Creative

Finally finishing the floor in the basement!! It's only taken us about 8 years since we dug up and replaced the pipes to properly finish the floor!!!

Trying another new recipe off pinterest, broccoli cheddar chicken cresent braid. It was so simple and absolutely delicious. You can see the recipe here.

Exercising my right and privilege to vote in another extremely important election!

Morning phone calls even when I am on my way to work!! I love my dad!

Reader appreciation month for all of Courtney Walsh's Sweethaven readers! Love her!! Love her books!!

My favorite slippers. . .they are just about to be retired as the bottoms are basically non-existent!

Visiting the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall that came to Coatesville for Vetern's week

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Monday, November 12, 2012

1000 Gifts: #925-945

925. father daughter work day, I love having the extra time with my dad no matter what we're doing!!
926. My sister made her famous homemade chicken nuggets, so yummy!

927. learning lessong from Nehemiah in Sunday School
928. fresh, cold milk. . .you learn to appreciate things when you can't get them as we had a shortage of milk from Hurricane Sandy!
929. just enough cement to complete our project
930. warm, fuzzy balnkets to snuggle in
931. brand new ink cartridges
932. kerosene heater full of kerosene, especially on cold evenings
933. the right and privilege of voting

934. serving a God who is in complete control all the time!!
935. getting paid to play all day
936. first snow of the season (and safety for my whole family driving in it!)
937. ebay
938. fresh produce at the grocery store, we have such an abundance of food here in America
939. encouraging women's conference messages online
940. 55% off on anew watch that I desperately needed
941. laughter and secrets with my sister
942. a tangible way to honor our veterns

943. warmer weather to spend time outdoors with my family
944. matt's willingness to lead Bible study and his down to earth approach to the scriptures!
945. amazing views

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