Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 43

The Mom Creative

Cooking and trying lobster for the first time thanks to the thoughtfulness of an uncle who bought some in Maine

Working on my vacation album. . .feeling like I need more word stickers

trying a new system. . .turning all the hangers around and as I wear each item I flip the hanger around normal, it'll help me purge  out the stuff that I am not wearing

Reorganizing photos and photo albums (and taking a mini trip down memory lane!)

Ordered my first enlargement, a free 16x20 photo that I have a few ideas for in my vacation album :)

a day trip to Longwood Gardens with my sister

Halloween car show. . . and the surprise of finding cousin Sharon and her dad's car there! Awesome!!

Week 33's completed pages:

Left side, Design A

Snap page insert for a family funeral (well it was more of a celebration of a life well lived and a home-going to Jesus)

the program

Insert 2, design F, for my take 12, summer edition

Right side, design A

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #969-989

969. fresh lobster from Maine

970. a dad that will crack and get messy so I can try lobster

971. fun postcards (came from my uncle with the lobster because my dad's name is Bob!)

972. hot apple crisp, made just for my sister
973. a canceled level 3 clean at work
974. a merciful and forgiving God no matter how many times I mess up
975. the ease of crock pot meals
976. seeing the end of a project coming into sight
977. rewards for taking surveys
978. spending the day with my sister

979. Echinecea
980. borrowed jewelry
981. looking through old photos
982. God's never failing grace
983. taking fun, silly pictures and making tons of awesome memories

984. tickets from a friend that I can share with my sister
985. emails from an old coworker
986. hanging out with cousin Sharon at a Halloween car show

987. 10 minute journaling

988. reliving a vacation while working on my album
989. free enlargements

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 42

The Mom Creative

I love finding random pictures on my camera from my family. They were excited to photograph this crazy bug out back and promptly showed me the minute I walked in the door from work :)

free lunch at Chick-fil-a for wearing your Eagles gear

October's self portrait day

playing with the awesome touch scree radio in our rental car during a work trip!

cleaning up the sidewalk after our mailman tracked some doggy doo all over it. . .ummm, yuck! (hello real life!)

resuming our fall tradition of a morning coffee run Friday mornings with my mom

Week 32 completed pages: this was feet week for me, both pages design A, no inserts

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #948-968

948. Missionaries
949. sunshine on a cold morning
950. Carrie letting mom and I borrow some Eagles gear for the Chick-fil-a promotional
951. Free lunch at Chick-fil-a

952. watching our crazy new fish
953. compromising with others
954. a 2014 rental car for our work trip
955. fresh cookies from the mall for our trip
956. a decent nights sleep in a hotel room

957. making quick work of our task
958. Robert taking over cause I had a bad headache
959. fun Wednesday morning voicemail, "Jenn do you know what day it is?" LOL. Love my dad!
960. lunch with Cindy at the Perfect Pita

961. coupons for free coffee
962. great conversations with good friends
963. options for a start time at work
964.starting our fall Friday morning coffee routine

965. cute new shoes
966. folding clothes warm from the dryer
967. laughing, teasing, and carrying on over a card game with my family
968. fresh picked apples from the orchards

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 41

The Mom Creative

I love doing weeks with themes, even though to often I struggle in keeping to it. Last year I tried doing a food week and loved the results so I thought I'd give it another try. I failed terribly, in my mind anyway. Here's a look at my week:

Made pumpkin cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing (that I attempted to make orange)

making some tomato sauce with the last of the garden tomatos

Just about every meal this week by the time I remember I wanted to take a picture :)

Grabbing a quick burger between my 3 accounts today, was not expecting to be out all day when I left for work this morning

Baked potato my way, sliced up with some sauce

Pizza night, yep all I got was the box because I forgot until after we ate!!

Green bean and rice casserole for the missions banquet

Week 31 completed pages

Left side, design A

Insert for July's Day in the Life, I used a WRMK page protector with 3 4x6 slots and a 6x12 slot, loved it!

Right side, design A

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