Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Life: Week 4

Carrie loves her new kindle

hanging out with my friend Susan meeting her new daughter

baking cookies with my sister

fighting with unemployment

getting tons of new ideas on Pinterest

teasing the cats. . .they had a crazy fascination with shadows

Becca's baby shower

The Mom Creative

1000 Gifts: #64-84

64. Guest Sunday school teacher, spoke about being right where God wants me to be. What a blessing!
65. new ice scrapers
66. the movie Courageous
67. meeting Natalie (2 days old!!)

68. not getting stuck in the snow, mud, and ice on my errands
69. Catching up with Susan
70. happy picture mail
71. gorgeous weather and sunshine!
72. helped Karyn take her 3 little ones shopping

73. good health. . .this time last year I had Costochondritis
74. finally finished my December Daily
75. talked to my Grammy on the phone. . .can't even remember the last time I talked to her, we are not real close!
76. nice relaxing bubble bath
77. mom got home from work early
78. Hope's compliments and encouragement
79. did not have to go anywhere in the extreme downpour
80. cranberry scented candles
81. a very productive crafty day
82. Rebecca's baby shower

83. new devotional book I borrowed from my Nana
84. sister time while cat sitting (teasing the cats with shadows on the floor!)

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Another pinterest project

After breaking the glass on a frame that was the perfect size to hold a 2 page layout, I searched pinterest for ideas on how to still use it. I found a few suggestions, but the one that appealed to me was the one that still allowed me to hang my layout. All I had to do was adhere some fabric to the cardboard insert of the frame and add clips. So simple.

After seeing how easy it was to make I tried another, smaller one. An 8.5x11. I added 2 clips for 2 4x6 pictures. Then I was feeling a bit creative so I embellished the frame some, not too much I don't want to overpower the pictures.

I am loving all the ideas I keep finding. I have several other papercraft, mini albums I want to try so be on the look out for more completed projects!!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Circle pop-up album

I have another project to show you. Have I mentioned that I am addicted to pinterest? Well I am and this is one of the reasons why. . .the cutest ideas for crafts! Who would have ever thought to make something so cute? Certainly not I! But I saw it and decided to give it a try. Love the results! and it's really pretty simple to make.

I made this out of 11" circles.

I made a section for each member of my family since it had four divisions and decorated each section with coordinating blue and purple papers.

This is what each individual section looks like after it is adhered together.

Then each section gets glued together.

(except the 1st and last sides)

I kept the cover/title page very simple, since I figured it would probably be displayed left open.

Finished product: outside

and inside

Isn't that just the neatest idea? And it looks so cute just sitting out on the coffee table. Makes a great conversation starter too!!
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas card books

I thought I would share a bit more about how I made my Christmas card books. They were very simple.

First I went thru and punched 2 holes in all of the cards. I only worked on one year at a time since I had a few I wanted to get thru to get me caught up to this year. I made a template out of a piece of cardboard to make sure that all the cards were punched evenly. I tried to centralize the holes on each card.

After all the cards were punched I chose a good sized sturdy card for the back,

and one that I thought would make a nice cover for the front.

I threaded all my cards onto some elastic ribbon, although it would have been just as nice to use book rings. (and probably a little easier too, I just didn't have any on hand)

For each book I punched out a scalloped square to write the year on and simply attached it by stapling to the end of the ribbon.

I tried to vary the card sized to make the book more interesting to look thru, I really enjoy the staggered look.

I included any picture cards that may have come as well.

As well as any Christmas letters. This was where I had to get a bit creative. I wanted to be able to read the letters after they placed into the book. I played with a few different options. First try was simply punching holes in the top and folding the letter up.

Second option I tried was placing all letter into an envelope. I had several smaller pictures to include for this particular year as well, so the envelope worked out perfectly. And I really liked the look that the added envelope provided. Had I been making these in real time I may have saved one of the envelopes I received to reuse in my book.

My finished books all varied in thickness and variety.

I also tried to make sure my covers would all be a bit different to add some visual interest too.

Now all I have to figure out is how I am going to display them each year. For now I have them all stacked in a big basket, which looks pretty neat. Maybe I'll just bring out the basket each year and place it somewhere everyone can have access to it so we can peruse the cards from year to year. We'll see!! If any of you have put one together I would love to see your finished books!! Let me know!!
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life: Week 3

I had to exclude several pictures this week in order to respect some privacy.

Sunday we took a church family picture. I didn't personally take the picture, but am using my copy for my book.

Making dinner-simple hamburger helper- while mom rested as she hasn't been feeling too well the last couple of days

Being a mother's helper for my friend Karyn. . .isn't the face just too cute?

Wednesday: it was community helper's day at mom's preschool. I have a picture of her whole class with the SWAT truck and police that
came in

Mom's birthday was pretty low key. We gave her a bunch of her favorite lotions and gels from Bath and Body Works

Pizza night

Learning a new game, Blokus, with good friends after Bible Study

I decided to add a few extra shots since I couldn't post Sunday and Wednesdays!
Our first snow storm of 2012!!

trying out his new snowblower!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

1000 Gifts #43-63

43. Hugs from best friends
44. the modern miracle called advil!!
45. Carrie's homemade quesidillas
46. coffee date with mom
47. the instinct to nurture those who are sick
48.pinterest. . .so many new and creative ideas
49. the time to help a friend in need (and walking away feeling as though I got more of a blessing then I was!)
50. an unplanned dinner with friends
51. Karyn's listening ear while I am feeling discouraged
52. notes of encouragement from those who are praying for me
53. free car wash

54.a father who know cars and can help me figure things out
55. really quick and easy (and cheap) grocery shopping trip
56. giving a friend a ride (it amazes me how many times I set out to help someone and they end up being a huge blessing to me! God is good and knows exactly what I need before I even know to ask Him!)
57.learning and sharing with my Bible study girls
58. a faith that can celebrate even in hard times!
59. able to change my bank account easily. . .all the problems I thought I was going to have were all in my head!
60. the Lord's leading to share a piece of my journal to make a difference in someone else's life
61. fresh snow. . .so beautiful. . .constant reminder that my sins are "white as snow" thru Jesus' blood

62. the opportunity to share my scrapbooks with others
63. learning new games
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