Monday, May 13, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #404-424

404. Meet and greets during the hymns at church
405. random gifts from my sister
406. coffee to go
407. a free set of aqaurium filters
408. apologies
409. scalloped tomatos made from last years garden tomatos (PTL for the extra freezer space)
410. updated professional family picture for the church directory (and a family patient enough with me to let me take several shots at home 1st)

411. toasted tuna melt from Subway 412. answered prayers, even when they seem so small and insignificant!
413. good conversation and laughter on my road trip with coworkers
414. being used by God to brighten someones day
415. Cherry Icees
416. thoughtful friends
417. new exercise equipment
418. homemade Mocha Cappucinno cookies from a coworker

419. God's perfect timing
420. friendsly bank tellers who know you personally
421. surprise bday check
422. meeting my goals
423. funfetti cake

424. Applebee's birthday shooter sundaes
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