Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 47

November's self portrait day

Spoiling myself with a cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream

Actually started feeling like winter is here, have gotten the gloves and scarves out

Becky Higgins 3 day course on CreativeLive, I tried to catch as much of it as I could. Day 1 was a bit slow geared more for beginners, but day 2 and 3 were fantastic and full of inspiration!

Trying the new iced coffee at Chick-fil-a while running errands with mom

rocking a homemade sling for my severely sprained thumb to keep the ice pack on and prevent it from banging into everything (cause when something is hurt that is the one part I manage to bump!)

Decorations are ready to go up, just waiting to be able to use my hand again :(

Week 37's completed pages, I used design A and G for this spread and kept it very simple since it included extra pictures from my Week in the Life which had me a little overwhelmed this year!!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #1057-1077

1057. a car in good working order
1058. compliments on a new outfit
1059. a Sunday school study of Thessalonians

1060. sequins and sparkles
1061. hot chocolate with whipped cream
1062. a full moon on a clear night
1063. new beginnings

1064. snuggling in a warm bed on a cold morning
1065. pinterest inspiration
1066. Disney music
1067. the power of God that is accessible to me

1068. a fuzzy, warm bathrobe
1069. Oreo truffles made by my sister
1070. early Christmas shopping
1071. perfectly timed days off

1072. no one around to see the tears from a stupid injury
1073. quick recovery
1074. able to rest my weary soul and body

1075. making a hard choice because it's the right thing for me
1076. being the primary memory keeper for my family
1077. having the time to watch Becky's 3 day course

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 46

The Mom Creative
Trying to squeeze in a quick card game before work, so I used the only thing available to keep score. . .a half used napkin! We had a blast though!

Picking up some new Project Life stuff at ACMoore, I love that they have a different variety of products than Michaels

Finally finishing my Stories from Home album while at the dealership waiting on an oil change, seriously the fastest wait I've ever had!!

Finished my Punta Cana album in record time! I'm on a roll this week wrapping up unfinished projects!

Waiting for a friend to hang out and show off my newly finished album

Busy, busy month at work. . .so many extra jobs and sidenotes on our calendar this month

Spending Saturday morning with my sister. . .even if it meant video games all morning!

Week 36s completed pages:
(used both design A & G page protectors)

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #1035-1056

1035. sermons that are applicable
1036. 60% off coupons
1037. prayer
1038. to go mugs so I can take my coffee to my appointment!
1039. quick game of cards before heading to work

1040. snow flurries. . .that aren't sticking
1041. Pandora radio
1042. free photo Christmas cards
1043. hazelnut creamer to put in my free Chick-fil-a coffee

1044. reeses peanut butter cups
1045. no accidents in the morning traffic on the bypass
1046. quick scheduling to get me in for an overdue oil change
1047. Project Life at ACMoore

1048. exchanging fun stories with friends
1049. really cool looking clouds

1050. family video games
1051. my coworkers great work ethic
1052. beautiful weather
1053. remembering to pack a snack!

1054. finally getting a PL mini album
1055. helping my sister with her baking
1056. bonus checks that i wasn't expecting

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 45

The Mom Creative

Love seeing my dad in a tie. . .and for no reason at all!

Cannot wait til tomorrow when we stop getting bombarded with political campaigning

went on a fall color hunt today, love capturing these gorgeous colors!

Rocking the new pick booties at my DC account

Finished our Lady in Waiting study

Arby's treat for lunch with my mom

working on my 100 things I love page, plus helped my sister make a list of her own!

Week 35 completed pages:

Left side, design A

Right side, design A

Insert for some random stuff

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