Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project Life: Week 43

Late blooming roses couldn't resist a picture. . .love that we're doing yardwork in the background

Love the beautiful fall colors all over the place

Picking out new frames, so many choices

Prepping the walls to paint

Dad had minor oral surgury, I honestly think it took longer to fill out the paperwork!

Helping a friend prepare Bible stories for her kids

Snow in October!!!!! Craziness!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Project Life: Week 42

There are only 10 weeks left to 2011. . . .where did this year go???

Enjoying some fall sunshine while raking leaves

My new job. . .job searching (thanks for all your prayers, I know God has something awesome out there for me!)

Spare time=helping my friend clean her house since she just had a baby! (which leads to me realizing I need to do more cleaning of my house to!)

Cold rainy day, perfect day to have soup for lunch

Trying to "go green", love these reusable shopping bags

Signs of fall are everywhere, caught this leaf floating in the pond, it looked so pretty

Thrift shopping and lunch at the neighbourhood church, what a fun way to spend the morning (and get some really cute shirts!!)
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Project Life: Week 41

Always love shopping at BJs

Self portrait day

matching toes and fingernails. . . just for fun!

Tried a new hairstyle, i think it turned out pretty cute, now I just need o get one of those flower clips to put in the middle

Had enough. . .Quit my job today!

Awesome quiet time this morning, God gave me complete peace about yesterday!

Hanging out with my sister!
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Project Life: Week 40

Can you believe its week 40 already?? Where has this year gone??

Didn't get all my Saturday chores done, so fresh sheets on Sunday!

New book I am reading. . .absolutely fabulous advice on how to focus on my relationship with Christ

one of those "documenting what it looks like right now" shots of my desk. . .too much clutter for my neat freak side :)

Pork chops and mac and cheese, new favorite meal

new way to learn our verses, putting them to music

Jess's surprise birthday dinner, kudos Sarah for pulling it all off!

Hay ride with friends at the church picnic. Great day!
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Project Life: Week 39

Wow!! I cannot believe I forgot to post for last week. . . .so without further ado, week 39. . .

Dad had to do some tool shopping for his new job!

Rough day. . .spent the afternoon on the phone with Susan, almost in tears

My new all time favorite song (which changes almost weekly ) Blake Shelton's God gave me you

cooking with Adobo. . .I am hooked, it goesin/on everything

Finally ordered my pictures, embarassed to say my PL book was almost a monthe behind!

new devotional schedule, splitting it b/t morning and evening

Our well loved and VERY well used cookbook
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