Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week in the Life: Sunday

 Seriously loving my sisters new 52 recipes.
 Seriously loving the smiles I get for taking her for a walk at the park and allowing her to run loose for a little bit.
 Seriously loving the blossoming trees.
 Seriously loving time spent with my family.
 Seriously loving rereading thru the Bible.
 Seriously loving all the freebies my sister gets from Acme.
 Seriously loving pastor's series on Mark.
 Seriously loving this man.
Seriously loving Sunday morning breakfast.

Week in the Life: Saturday

 Today I got to go to breakfast with my sister.
  Today I got to take an early afternoon shower.
  Today I got to be greeted by the best greeter ever!
  Today I got to see a gorgeous sunset at a spot where I could pull over and photograph it!
  Today I got to check inventory.
  Today I got to make dinner.
  Today I got to run several errands with the girls.
  Today I got to sit in the backseat because a certain someone wanted to sit next to Aunt Carrie.
  Today I got to go shopping at ACMoore.
  Today I got to wear my brand new contacts for a full day.
  Today I got to put fresh sheets on the bed.
  Today I got to wash the dishes for my mom.
  Today I got to trim the puppy dog's claws.
 Today I got to relax and hang out for a little bit with the girls.

Week in the life: Friday

 Friday is a day for morning tea before our run... an a cat that always wants snacks.
 Friday is a day for heating up my coffee mid morning to keep me going.
  Friday is a day for doing the laundry.
  Friday is a day for site visits and more coffee.
  Friday is a day for gowning up to observe my team.
  Friday is a day for reading my Bible.
  Friday is a day for submitting billing, or mileage, or credit statements to the office.
  Friday is a day for watching music videos while I work.
 Friday is a day for cheeseburgers for lunch.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The rescue

I am pretty good with nature and animals and stuff like that. So when we found this giant snapping turtle in an alley in the middle of our city neighborhood, I knew I had to help him! He had already been out of the water way to long as I could see he was pretty dried out, all but the area around his partially closed eyes. The trick was getting him somewhere else, and where that somewhere would be...
I called my dad for some advice and he recommended a local pond. So I drove the car down to the turtle and attempted to load him in. Now I know you have to pick them up by the tail to avoid being snapped, this thing could probably remove my finger. but I didn't realize how quick he'd be, not letting me get behind him long enough to grab his tail. Wih the help and distraction of a shovel I finally managed to grab him, but was not prepared for the amount of weight I would be grabbing!! WOW!! It took a good 20 minutes for me to finally load this now very angry snapper into the trunk of my car. Again not thinking ahead as to how I'd get him out, and I drove very carefully to the pond about 5 minutes away.

Thankfully the ride dazed him a little and I was able to quickly grab him and lift him out of the trunk, but not before he started hissing and snapping at me. It was hard to keep the turtle out from my legs and several times I was almost snapped in the knee. I left him but the edge of the brush surrounding the pond area, but as long as I was there he kept his eyes on me and would not move. So I eventually got in the car and left knowing instinct would kick in and send him into the water. Not many people are crazy enough to attempt to save a wild snapping turtle, but that's the kind of adventure I really enjoy! This love of all things nature was passed to me by my dad, and when he saw the pictures he was pretty impressed. He naturally assumed if I was picking it up and putting it in my car it was about the size of my fist or so... haha! All in a days work, I guess!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Updated 101 in 1001!

I have been doing a lot of revising on my list lately. I wrote it quickly and added some things that looking back on I am just not interested in completing. So I changed some stuff around and have continued on my journey to complete everything. The items highlighted in pink are completed! The items highlighted in blue are in process and will most likely be completed by the end of the year. And the items highlighted in yellow was for my benefit to see whats going on in the next month. Thanks for checking in, hope you are all well!!

1.      Come up with 101 things for my list: 16Sep16

2.      Go for a hot air balloon ride.
3.      Put together a family favorite cookbook.
4.      Donate blood
5.      Organize the attic
6.      Get a pedicure: 13Apr17

7.      Ski #2 slope (hopefully without falling!)
8.      Fix the pond pump issue:02Oct16

9.      Reread thru the Bible in a year
10.  Complete the 5000 question survey: 15Oct16
11.  Visit New York City
12.  Do a 5K: 30Apr17

13.  Get a dog: 08Dec16

14.  Send just because flowers to my mom
15.  Go to a country concert
16.  Complete my coloring book
17.  Have a picnic
18.  Run the Strobel trail with Bobby
19.  Buy a new desktop computer
20.  Do an updated family photo shoot
21.  Help Carrie write her list (she’s up to 63 things)
22.  Finish watching all 6 seasons of LOST (3/6)
23.  Have my caricature drawn
24.  Take pictures in a photo booth
25.  Hold a tarantula
26.  Take my family to WDW
27.  Fill my sketchbook: 09Oct16

28.  Renew my passport: 17Mar17

29.  Go to the Camden Aquarium
30.  Attend Thorndale’s drive in movie night
31.  Get a makeover from Hope: 08May17

32.  10,000 steps a day for 2 weeks straight: 10May17 (27 days straight)
33.  Go snorkeling
34.  Take a picture of my OOTD for a month
35.  Go to the beach: 24Sep16

36.  Write a blog post once a month (3/12)
37.  See a Goliath bird eating spider
38.  Complete a 30 workout challenge: 30Apr17
39.  Tour Washington DC
40.  Complete the 52 weeks of lists (21/52)
41.  Fill my pressed penny book
42.  Get 200 connections on LinkedIn (163)
43.  Re-memorize James 1
44.  Visit a new state
45.  Switch savings accounts: 12Oct16
46.  Take a picture at the Liberty Bell
47.  Write to my penpal at least 4x a year (2/10)
48.  Dye a strip of hair hot pink
49.  Repair front porch: 08Feb17

50.  Photograph my home in all 4 seasons, make a collage print to hang
51.  Make a new necklace holder: 21Mar17

52.  Get my windshield checked: 14Oct16
53.  Schedule an Orthodontist consult
54.  Finish the roll of film in my camera
55.  Buy a kallex and organize all my scrapbooks into one area
56.  Ask my eye doctor about contacts: 18Apr17

57.  Work on my paternal geneology, complete the next generation
58.  Track my bills for a year (4/12)
59.  Take horseback riding lessons
60.  Complete my Gettysburg album: Dec16
61.  Complete my Orlando album:06Apr17
62.  Complete my Niagara Falls album
63.  Changes spark plugs and cabin air filter on my car: 18Feb17

64.  Get a plant for my desk: 25Sep16

65.  Make enough cards to resupply my homemade card box (5/month)
66.  Play tennis at least 10x (0/10)…lessons start 27May17
67.  Complete the 100 push up project: 28Oct16
68.  Try 5 new restaurants (2/5): 4 dogs Inn 26Feb17; Ruby’s Diner 20Mar17;
69.  Have the chimney looked at and repaired… then : 15Oct16

70.  Have a fire in fireplace: 22Oct16

71.  Make a photo cube
72.  Read 10 new books (9/10)
It’s Not Fair by Melanie Dale 30Sep16; Captivated Nov16 ; In search of Excellence 20Jan17; The best Yes 02Feb17; Sweethaven Christmas 05Feb17; Finding Lily 10Feb17; A Purpose Driven Life 25Mar17; Saying Goodbye to Survival mode 20Apr17; Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart 16may17; One Tuesday Morning
73.  Get a new Pleco, give him a really cool name: Jasper 11Mar17

74.  Try 52 new recipes (22/52)
75.  Plan 10 coffee dates with my friends (5/10)
76.  Try 5 new foods (2/5)
Steamers 24Sep16; Edamame 13Apr17; Conch Fritter 09May17; escargot 09May17; fried calamari 08May17; rabbit 10May17

77.  Learn 5 new hairstyles (3/5)
78.  Send a card to 12 different missionaries (5/12)
79.  Build 4 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles with my family (4/4): 22Feb17

80.  Watch 10 movies off the “Bobby” list with Bobby (5/10)
A Few Good Men; Seven; a Time to Kill; Seven: Hamburger Hill; Jaws
81.  Go on a romantic getaway
82.  Clean my car every 6 month during the 1001 (1/6)
83.  Finish my “26 things” project (2/9)
84.  Save all my change for the entire 1001 days.
85.  Send a random “sunshine” package
86.  Walk through Valley Forge
87.  Hang a hummingbird feeder: 29Apr17
88.  Visit Springton Manor Farm
89.  Make snow cones
90.  Visit Upper Schuylkill Valley wildlife Center
91.  Girls night out (27Dec16)

92.  Make a set of winter ornaments
93.  Take a pic every hour on the hour for a whole day: 27Apr17
94.  Interview my grandmother
95.  Plant flowers in the front flowerbed: 14May17
96.  Go on a Cruise: 11May17

97.  Visit the Philadelphia zoo once in a 4 seasons (summer, fall, winter, spring)
98.  Deep clean my bedroom
99.  Invest in an Instax camera
100.                      Find a new solution for uploading all my pictures
101.                      Write a new 101 list.