Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What does Project Life mean to me?

I came across the answer to this question on the Capture Your 365 blog today and it is perfect. There is no better way to describe why I took this journey this year and will be taking it again next year!

"It means focus. And attention. It means remembering each and every day to pause for at least 1/50th of a second to point my lens in the direction of something in my life. The small details and the big moments.
Sometimes the photos seem meaningless today. The snap of my keyboard. The photo of the glass on the counter. The desk in all its messiness. The shoes at the front door. The numbers on my house. The tree in the midst of dropping its leaves to the ground.
I know something about those photos. I know something that will happen someday. Maybe not next year, but perhaps in ten and definitely in 20.
I’ll look back at what appear to be mundane images. I’ll look back on the smallest details and be transported to today. I’ll see things that no longer exist in my life. I’ll see things that mattered on one day that have exited my life on others. I’ll see relationships as they were. Smiles before they aged. Toys before they were broken or discarded. I’ll see memories I might otherwise forget.
And for all of those memories I’ll be thankful. Very, very thankful!"

I have already noticed some of these things in my pictures from January or February. Things I would have normally forgotten by now! I love the Project Life journey and love being able to share it with each of you my dear friends!

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