Monday, December 19, 2011

DD: December 17th

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!! All those "Christmasy" things are starting to happen, like Friday's cookie bake, this fun filled evening of Christmas caroling and Christmas partying. I just love all the festivities of this weekend, I had so much fun, especially after being cooped up in the house sick for a few days!

Please forgive my terrible photography. I just wasn't paying any attention to the lights in any of these pictures. But you can still see the people and the expressions of joy that comes with the season and thats what counts!!

We started our night Christmas caroling. We hit 9 different families in our church in about an 1.5 hours. It was freezing and just beginning to snow, but you know what that only made it more magical. We sang 3 songs and delivered a tin of cookies to each family. I especailly love that I get to do this each year with some of my dearest friends!!

Afterwards we headed back to the E's house for dinner and party!! This shot is about half the group, the younger guys all went outside to play basketball in the snow!

This was sort of a random shot of the night, but too cute to resist. Baby Noel is absolutely fascinated with Christmas trees.

We ended the evening with a good game of Phase 10. we only got about halfway thru (it is a LONG game) before people had to start leaving. I am so glad all our college friends are home and we were all able to celebrate together. Great night with great friends!!
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