Friday, December 9, 2011

DD: Decemeber 8th

Yesterday's story is a mini story from my day. Sometimes I forget that is what this whole project is about. . .telling the stories of our life throughout the holiday season. Its not big story or even an important one, but it was fun nonetheless. Picaboo had an all day hoilday giveaway on their facebook page. You had to answer wuestions or take pictures guided by prompts. Their big giveaway was a camera and all you had to do was take a peek-a-boo picture and make it your facebook profile picture for the day! I had fun trying to come up with something. In the end I went with this shot of me peeking out the front door. Of course everyone thought I was crazy, especially my mom when I asked her to take the picture for me. Sometimes the looks you get for the pictures you take. . . Don't people know that as a scrapbooker and a photographer I have the end result in mind and I am not just taking another crazy picture? LOL. Anyway it was a lot of fun. . .no I didn't win anything. But I do have this fun Peek-a-boo picture to remind me of a day full of holiday goody giveaways :)
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  1. I love your peekaboo pic. Very clever. Too bad you didn't win.