Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DD: December 7th

Today I decided to do a quick and easy topic. Christmas music. I love Christmas music. It is playing somewhere in the house everyday! I snapped a few shots of some CDs, as well as my sisters ITunes playlist since that is what is playing most of the time. I did a page similar to this in last years December Daily and thought it'd be fun to include another just to see how our most listened to/ favorite songs change from year to year.

Some of the top songs on my playlist this season include:

All I want for Christmas: Mariah Carey
O Holy Night: Celine Dion
Mary did you know?: Kenny Rodgers
Mistletoe: Justin Bieber
Candy Cane Christmas: Darius Rucker
Just a Kid: Kenny Chesney
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  1. Celine's version of O Holy Night is one of my utmost favorites. I've got the Christmas music playing all the time now too.