Friday, December 16, 2011

DD: December 15th

I was just reviewing yesterdays post and I am so glad that I did a letter/list for Santa! I did one last year too and I definitely think I'll be adding that to my list of ideas to include every year in my December Daily. It is really neat even with just the two years to see difference on my Christmas wishlist (there are similarities too with the things I didn't get last year and haven't yet purchased!LOL!)

Last night my sister informed me she wanted to make her own Christmas cards. You have no idea how that warms my heart to hear that!! She told me she could do them herself but they wouldn't look as good. (she definitely knows how to butter me up!!) I love that not only did I get to spend some quality time with my sister (a rarity around here anymore), but I also got to share some of my papercrafting passion with her. She still isn't interested, but that's okay! Just means everytime she wants to make something we get to spend some extra time together.

I showed her some ideas I had found on Pinterest and she chose a relatively simple wreath. And off we went. She refuses to work in my scraproom since its in the basement and she absolutely ABHORS the basement, so we gathered all the supplies and set up a table in the living room.

I think one of her favorite parts was stamping the created by on the back and signing each card!

her least favorite part was the berries, we used glitterglue so they would have that extra sparkle. Her cards turned out so cute! I am so proud of her!! And am even thinking about trying that design for my cards next year!!
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  1. Good for you bringing her over to the scrappy side for a bit. I'm sure you enjoyed the time with your sister. Those cards look wonderful from what I can see in the pic. Clever idea using that stamp.