Monday, December 12, 2011

DD: December 10th

A mini gift wrapping party. My mom and another teacher needed to gift wrap all the gifts for their classes, so they scheduleed a little get together.

I was invited along to create the cards for their packages. I tried to do simple, they are for 3 year olds after all. This is the card that I managed to come up with. They even asked me to write the cards up for the. . .

I did make them at least sign on their own!! (but not without a lot of teasing first!)

It was funny watching them wrap since the snowman on the wrapping paper had to be lined up front and center on the gift. I joked that the kids would be so appreciative of that as they tore off the paper!! LOL! we had such a blast wrapping, singing Christmas carols, and joking with each other all afternoon!
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