Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day!!

I cannot remember the last time our entire family was together for any holiday. We were blessed to have everyone at my grandmother's house for Christmas dinner, and boy was it crowded and crazy and chaotic!!! And yet amidst the chaos there was so much love and fun. It was just like Christmas when we were all kids!

There was literally no room to move in the kitchen. (we always do dinner buffet style)

And the tables extended all the way through the dining room and living room! There was no where to move but we were all together and that was all we really noticed!

Then when we gathered around the tree to do gifts. . .people everywhere! And in our family when there are that many people around someone always starts a wrapping paper war! I mean your bound to hit someone when you throw a wrapping paper ball, right? And throw we did!!

I know it sounds crazy, but thats our family! And for once I didn't mind it a bit. I sat back with the camera and took it all in, once again loving every moment!
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