Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DD: December 21st

I don't usually make cookies for Christmas, but since I have some extra time I thought I would try a few.

I found a really simple roll out sugar cookie recipe online. Mom was more than happy to be behind the camera this time and took many pictures for me.

I love my cookies soft so I undercooked them just a tad so after they set they were perfect!! I left a few undecorated to put some icing on.

"Yes I will clean up my own mess!" Picture taken just for fun to show what a mess I managed to make. What the picture doesn't show is the flour all down the front of me, on the floor, in the kitchen, all over the stove, dish towel, and potholders. I am not the neatest "flour" girl!! lol!

I have to admit it wasn't near as fun as the cookie bake I went to the last week, but I had a good time making up some cookies for my family! I guess I was just in the mood to bake :)
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