Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 35

The Mom Creative

Admiring the amazing handy work of our backyard spider

spained my index finger on my right hand pretty badly!

burying our pregnant goldfish :( We found her dead in the pond this morning. . .not having a fantastic week

Enjoying a luxury suite hotel for my overnight work account

Attempting to put things in order to start my Punta Cana album!

mom managed to capture my sister and I checking on (and photographing) the praying mantis' in the front garden. The picture is blurry because she took it thru the window and the camera focused on the screen a bit, but I love this picture!!!

Collecting cans on our family walk. . . it amazes me how much trash people just throw on the ground!

Week 25 completed pages:

Left side, design A

Insert from Father's day, front, design I and a leftover strip from a design F that I had cut. I used some washi tape to attach it for more pictures, basically a reverse design J :)

back, our 1st backyard campfire of the summer season

Right side, also a design A

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