Sunday, September 15, 2013

WITL Saturday photos

Oh Saturday such a horrible morning, yet it turned out to be an awesome day. Photo count was 110, which was amazing since I spent my entire morning working with no cameras allowed!! Here's my favorites from yesterday.

waiting for my coworker. . .yes that clock says 4:48 AM!!

stopping for coffee and a muffin

sending our supervisor a text to let him know how awful things went

inhaling the breakfast my sister got me befoer heading out again (I was supposed to meet them for breakfast but missed it due to an extension of work this morning, so I ate my breakfast as my lunch instead)

rock climbing with some awesome friends!!

she finally accomplished her goal of getting over the ledge!!

I tried some new walls before pulling a muscle in my arm and calling it quits for the day!

mom making a pie

Carrie chillin with her kindle

hanging out joking around with my dad before helping weed the garden

making dinner

eating as a whole family a first all week

messing around washing the dishes

evening walk and puppy fix

some Phase 10 before bed

What a good, good day!!!
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  1. wow! incredible climbing wall!!