Monday, September 30, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #877-898

877. genuine interest in people
878. sitting with the girls :)
879. new fish
880. Branden coming to help even after we said we didn't need him
881. free clothes

882. sister time on a week night!
883. crossword puzzles
884. spinach chicken pita melt
885. new storage: set of drawers and baskets

886. overcoming obstacles
887. embellishments
888. extreme care from a coworker
889. pond frogs

890. happy voicemails
891. eating lunch at an outdoor cafe on a beautiful afternoon in Bethesda (wish I had brought my camera!)
892. well intentioned advice
893. meeting new people when I am early and alone at rock climbing

894. family grocery shopping trip
895. sister time (on what is normally her date night! I'll take it!)
896. late night snacks with my family, even though I have to be up extremely early
897. congratulations party for Lance's completing karate!

898. double coffees :)

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