Monday, September 9, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: 797-820

797. ice cold water on a hot day
798. no work
799. 30 Days of Lists
800. homemade chicken nuggets

801. labor day picnics
802. getting along and working together to accomplish a goal
803. serving others
804. laughing til I cry
805. ice pack relief
806. shopping with my family

807. time to be creative
808. double dollar coupons
809. 2 free photobooks to document our summer
810. card games with my sister

811. beginning to cancel weekend work !!!!
812. websites, footnotes, and the Holy Spirit to make a tough passage of Scripture more understandable
813. options
814. Jasmine flowers with their sweet, sweet fragrance
815. a summer full of memories

816. old Wii games
817. filling in the blank spots of my albums
818. discovering my talents
819. family game night, with just the 4 of us! Love it!!
820. hanging out at home with just my mom and my sister :) just because!

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