Monday, September 23, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #846-866

846. friends that use my camera when I'm not looking
847. Starbucks from Cindy
848. GBPS staff
849. sweet well behaved children in the midst of a chaotic classroom
850. a Sunday school teacher that cares

851. sharing secrets with a well trusted friend
852. Survivor
853. photos on disk
854. soap sudes and bubbles

855. visible answered prayers
856. completed roadwork. . .no more detours
857. completing things on my life list I forgot I ever added
858. warm afternoons to clean the aqaurium

859. clean freshly filled aquarium
860. positive, fun, and ensouraging facebook messages
861. sales and coupons on Project Life goodies
862. mini roadtrip to Lancaster with my family

863. an extra set of hands at work
864. pumpkin muffins and fall weather
865. seeing how blessed my life really is, despite the bad
866. hearing my parents laugh together

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1 comment:

  1. Enjoyed reading your list. When you mentioned Lancaster, I realized you are only a short hop north of me.
    I am also thankful for the fall weather.