Friday, September 6, 2013

Week in the Life 2011

It's that time of year again. . .Week in the Life is next week!! I love this project! I love the in depth documentation and photography that goes into it. I love how much it shows about my life right now. And I love looking back at the previous years, which reminded me that while I share my daily photos each year I never get around to sharing the finished product (probably because it takes me months to complete it!!) So I decided to share the past two years to motivate and inspire you all to particpate in this year's Week in the Life (WITL)
I keep the format fairly simple, mostly just words and pictures, not too much embellishing.

Each day has the same format, a main/title page in an 8.5x11 page protector, followed by a baseball card page protector which holds more pictures + bits of paper stuff (mail, recepits, lists, ect) that I collect.

I include some of the printables Ali shares to keep track of what happens each day,

and different observation, gratitudes, quotes, and favorite moments from throughout the day. They can be found here

the last 2 pages of each spread conatin a photo collage and a "currently" type listing page, which is by far my most favorite part to look back on

I did all the title pages the same, but in different color schemes, I've added each of them to show you. (please forgive the glare, no matter how I tried or where I moved the book to I could not get rid of it.)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my album and will come and play next week. Here is Ali's post to help you get started!! keep your eyes open, I'll be posting last year's WITL album later. It's mostly the same format, I like the simplicity of it, it works for me!! I did try something a little different with my title pages. . . .stay tuned!!
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