Friday, September 13, 2013

WITL Thursday photos

Have I mentioned just how much I love this project?? Well I do! It shows me all the little ways in which I have a blessed life :) Thursday was a very busy day and I focused really hard on taking pictures while I was out and about. . . and you know what no one even noticed! Why am I also so paranoid about taking everyday shots in public?? Oh who knows! So my photo count for the day was 106. Not too bad, the week is beginning to wind down and the constant camera carrying and photo taking is starting to become a bit much, but I resolve to finish strong!!
Here are my favorites from Thursday:

getting ready in the morning, I love that I forgot to even fix my hair for this shot, so real, even though I look terrible! Ha!

carpooling with mom, dropping her off at work before heading to my Bible study

deciding what to order at Panera, everything looks so yummy!

got a sesame bagel with cream cheese

working our way thru chapter 6, I love meeting with Hope every Thursday and seeing what God has for us

picking up my grandmother's mail

ordering at the deli

clean up neeeded in aisle 3, opps. . . it's hard to see the huge mess I made with the glare, but I was so embarrassed, barely even touched the bottle. . .and I did notify the workers, after I photographed the "crime scene" LOL!

my mom was so cute, "you're not going to take a picture?" uhh a little busy bagging here mom. . .so she grabbed the camera

Ahh, home sweet home, there is something comforting about pulling up at your house after a busy morning

all kinds of good stuff in the mail today

working on some Project Life, since 100 new pictures just arrived in the mail :)

trying to identify the spiders that I have been photographing all summer

bye dad! I love that he always pauses to wave between the bushes as he leaves

another night of work, putting on my steel toed shoes to head into the lab

Big Brother eviction time

my current purse, it's the little things that change from year to year that I often forget to capture!

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