Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 36

The Mom Creative

Working together to crush all the cans we collected last week

Shopping at Home Depot. . .got a little cotton candy treat at the door!

Game time with my sister, she has a work challenge of no tv for the week, so we played cards all evening. Awesome night!!!

cleaning out the aqaurium, my dear sweet Pacman died over the weekend

waiting on mom

stopping to smell the flowers, Jasmine is her favorite and it has just taken off this week

Wii time with the family

Completed pages for Week 26:

Left side, design A

Insert 1, front, 6x12 American Craft page protector


Insert 2, 8.5x11 (the back included a full sheet of personal journaling about a recent trip so I did not photograph it!)

Right side, design A

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