Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Item #3: Bubble Blowing

Yeah crossed another thing off our summer list!! My sister and I decided to spend some of our extra free time blowing bubbles. . .well it was more like having a bubble war!! (Yes, I added blowing bubbles to the list even though we are adults!!!) And we had a blast!

At first we were only able to find 1 regular bottle of bubbles and 1 bottle of those small wedding bubbles. LOL. So we kept switching bottles (the wedding bubble had a small wand and were hard to blow!)

Then we found a bottle of super Miracle bubbles. They didn't blow a lot of bubbles but they blew some really big ones!

What a fun afternoon with my sister acting like little kids and having a blast! Now to get some glow sticks and try the glow in the dark bubbles!!!
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