Monday, July 29, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: # 654-675

654. traditional Columbian breakfast with Jess' parents
655. coming home to my own bed!
656. God's continual watchcare

657. sharing my pictures
658. providing a listening ear
659. dad surprised us and came home for lunch
660. crossing off most of my catch up to do list
661. hearing stories about God's goodness
662. lunch with my parents

663. knowing we'll see saved loved ones again after they pass away
664. new travel themed Project Life stuff. . .perfect timing
665. getting back in the groove
666. celebrating birthdays

667. clear blue skies, not a cloud in sight
668. an evening walk thru the neighbourhood
669. night out with my family

670. great waitresses
671. Texas roadhouse rolls and sweet butter :)

672. saw a hawk flying thru the neighbourhood carrying it's prey, I stand in awe of God's creation!
673. simple card games
674. extra paycheck
675. butterfly bush is in full bloom

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