Monday, July 1, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #562-582

562. leftover Starbucks
563. summer dresses
564. new beach clothes
565. summer rainstorms
566. walking with my family and getting caught in the rain

567. extra work hours to pay off my upcoming trip
568. opportunity to speak my mind and have some concerns heard
569. extra dessert
570. having a blast even when everything is going wrong
571. finding a pair of shoes I forgot I had

572. 11 hours of work!!! (for 1 day!)
573. an overnight work trip with my boss
574. the inability to stay mad at Branden
575. taking the backroads
576. the best supervisor ever!
577. McDonalds frappe

578. having my own hotel room
579. starting a new Bible study
580. being spirit led to find a missing item I had been praying about
581. finally scheduling an oil change without any hassel
582. afternoon card game while I was making dinner

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