Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Day in the Life

Just completed another Day in the Life1 I love how in depth this project is, reading back over the daily sheets that I write up, I find that I include a lot of snippets of conversation and pieces of what I was thinking, which is really fun to reread later on. I also love how I write in a much more relaxed conversational tone. . .wish I could learn that technique for my scrapbook pages!!
 There aren't too many pictures as I had a camera malfunction and all my afternoon pics didn't turn out. Plus I worked all evening and wasn't able to get too many shots. Anyway here are some of the photos from yesterday.

By the way I am linking up with Ali Edwards' blog. .. if you haven't checked out her pages you should! She has a very unique way of taking pictures and documenting her story!
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