Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 27

The Mom Creative

Spending my evening doing a thorough sterilization of the labs

Another full day of work, preparing a cleanroom for

Blowing bubbles with my sister

having dinner with my sister for the first time in months!!!

Fireworks, round 1, epic fail :(

Wawa subs with my parents, what a treat!

Hanging out at the pool!

Week 18 completed pages: (includes April's Day in the Life)

left side, design A

Day in the life, front side, design C

full spread including some smaller inserts

back of Day in the life page

Insert 1, front side, car show, American crafts page protector

back side

Insert 2, front side, design J, mini photo shoot

back side, bocce ball "tournament"

right side, design A

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