Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 28

Since I was away last week I am a little behind in posting, so here are my pictures from 2 weeks ago. Hopefully tomorrow I will have last weeks vacation pages up! Stay tuned as there will be many posts this week! So many things to catch up on :) Hope you enjoy!

The Mom Creative

Catfish hunting in the Brandywine with my dad

Finally got my haircut, my cousin did it for me and she tried something new, a reverse bob

packing for my trip next week

playing with the "babies" in the garden

Bought a 2nd PL album for the year! Is it possible to take way too many pictures?

Painting my nails for vacation. . .I don't get to wear nailpolish at work

Finally arriving in the Dominican Republic. . .ready to start our vacation!

Completed pages for week 19:

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