Friday, July 26, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #630-653

630.  freshly blended fruit drinks
631. friendly, fun staff
632. dinner with flamingos

633. safety on our excursion
634. new friends
635. breakfast on the beach

636. good sunscreen, no burns
637. non alcoholic beach drinks

638. fun-filled theater shows

639. long conversations over coffee

640. warm water, cool breezes

641. relaxation
642. beautiful views

643. horseback riding on the beach

644. making tons of awesome new memories
645. watching the sunrise over the Caribbean

646. pictures with the entertainment team

647. rain storm at the end of an adventure filled day, not during

648. found a starfish

649. snorkeling, awesome reef fish

650. learning to kyack on the ocean

651. free scuba lessons in the pool

652. getting all the details aboutour departure in order
653. coming home to the USA

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