Thursday, July 25, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #604-629

604. finally getting my hair cut
605. trying something new
606. rainbows
607. finding a parking spot so I could join my family at an event
608. spotting a baby deer (and my dad turning the car around just so I could take a picture!)

609. falafel pita for lunch
610. beautiful country drives
611. caught an itty bitty baby catfish
612. fishing with my dad

613. good phone service/reception
614. found some really cute travel/Caribbean themed scrapbook stuff for my trip book
615. small random gift from my dad
616. Coatesville fireworks! Best ever!!

617. completely packed and feeling like I have everything
618. able to borrow my sister's smaller compact camera (and her IPod) for my trip
619. Coworkers who do more than their share so I can leave early, without being asked
620. "playing" with the baby mantis'

621. iced coffee made just the way I like it
622. Cuban dish for dinner
623. staying at Jess' dad's house to be closer to the airport. So hospitable!
624. window seat on the plane

625. cashews
626. smooth connections, no issues thru security, smooth flight
627. flying thru the clouds and then spotting our island

628. sat with a really awesome couple from Jersey on the plane
629. ocean breezes blowing thru my hair!

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  1. Love that last shot of the sunset on the beach. What a lovely scene that is.