Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 26

The Mom Creative

Walking with my family as a storm rolled in, thought the clouds were so cool. . .getting soaked with my camera, not so cool

I am currently loving swapping Project Life cards with the gals on Facebook

Work trip with my supervisor, enjoying my frappe and hotel room

work and travel all day

Summer storms flooding our backyard

searching for all the little baby praying mantis' that have made a home in our daisys

Backyard card games

week 16 and 17 completed pages:
week 16, full spread, as usual I love using the design A for my base

week 17 full spread

left side

Insert 1, documenting the 5K color run my sister and I did

Insert 2, a trip to the zoo, design G

right side, design A

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